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... Suzie Kennedy keeps Marilyn alive

pictures © Leo Rosser
How, and when did you first hear of Marilyn that triggered a special interest from you ?

The first time I encountered Marilyn is a faded image when I was young. You kind of are born knowing who she is. I always liked blonde glamourous women who were a little vunerable. But the big trigger was when people started telling me how much I looked like her naturally and how I reminded people of her.

Have you ever met Marilyn? If so, do you still remember your first thoughts when you saw her, what you felt when she was around ?

I have never met her but my dress designer Bunny met her at the premiere of The Prince and the Showgirl. He said she was beautiful and took time out to meet the backstage staff. Thats nice to hear.

What is your fondest memory of Marilyn ?

My fondest memory is of Marilyn in Korea. I think she felt her best and looked her best that day and she felt sooo much love from the crowd.You can see she was on cloud nine that day. And she deserved to feel that way ... she gave her all. As she said "I felt nothing but good!"

What was it that you loved the most in Marilyn's public persona? Is it what triggered you to dedicate a part of your professionnal career to her? If not, what did ?

I loved Marilyn's public persona but I think that her private persona is what made her have such a public one. You need to be vunerable and very insecure in yourself to be able to give yourself so much into your performance. It's like you need to feel love so much that you give your whole self to the public and then it makes up the void you feel about yourself. That is what I relate to and I feel I do in my performance. I like that.

Why Marilyn ?

Why not Marilyn? She is the greatest film star of all time and a star I feel every woman in the world can relate to one aspect or facet of her life.

Has this dedication brought you anything more than you were expecting? What were you expecting and what did you finally end up with?

More than anything. Because of marilyn I have travelled all over the world impersonating her. I have been to France, Dubai, Germany, Luxemburg, Spain, Holland, wow the list goes on and on..., I have appered in 5 t.v commercials as her, I have met so many celebrities including madonna and I am now making a t.v. film about her. It has brought me so much more than I expected and most importantly it has brought me great friends and pen pals like those at everlasting star.

Do you consider your actions related to Marilyn as a great achievement in your life?

Yes definitely.

Do you feel you could dedicate as much time and effort as you did for Mariyn for any other celebrity? Why?

No. There is no other celebrity that is like Marilyn. I'm not too interested in celebrity and most of them do not live up to the hype and I think are way over paid and over spoilt. Marilyn was really a one off.

Marilyn died in Aug. 62. 41 years later, do you feel she has had an impact on this world, and how ?

Of couse she does. Why else would they still be making adverts with her image or making programmes? You see her face evrywhere on handbags, posters, etc.
I just wish women would pay more attention to her beliefs and enjoy being a woman. Remember "if it's a men's world I love being a woman in it" she said it and its true. She is brilliant and she was so ahead of her time. We are still catching up!

Today we are comemorating the 41 anniversary of her death. If you could tell her one thing, that she would be able to hear, what would it be ?

"I love you marilyn and i will miss you always until I get a chance to see you. I hope you are smiling that amazing smile of yours and thank you for giving me the chance to have some of your star dust.XXXXX
(lets hope she can hear...i think she can!)"

... learn more about Suzie Kennedy and her work

Suzie Kennedy is a real sweetheart. She is true to her respect and love for Marilyn and always tries to convey her feelings to the public. She helps us all keep Marilyn alive. Very dedicated to her work, she is getting more and more opportunities to portray Marilyn. Recently she has been chosen to play the role of Marilyn in a documentary for an English TV station, she also made the opening of the current Marilyn exhibit in London.

You can learn more about her and the many things she did "as Marilyn" on Suzie is also an active member of our community, where she loves to chat about Marilyn with all of us !