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... Jill Adams aka MafHoney remembers Marilyn

I grew up loving Marilyn Monroe through three people in my life:

My Mom, my Grandmother and most importantly my Grandfather.

All three were alive while Marilyn was famous and all three loved her.

My Mom remembers going to her movies with her family in the big old theater down on main street in Petaluma. She recalled to me that Marilyn's movies were the only adult films they were allowed to watch. She and her mother, along with her three brothers, would sit in the orchestra seats, while my Grandfather sat in the balcony smoking his cigars (The balcony section was for smokers back then)

When I was introduced to Marilyn's image it was at a very young age- I was 6 years old the Norman Mailer book had just come out. It was actually my Grandfathers book so whenever I was at my Grandparents home I would spend hours on end pouring over the pages. I use to study that book as if it were the Gospel of life. Now I could barely read so what was the most important to me was really the full pages of glorious pictures.

Marilyn's beauty unfolded like a flower for me each time I opened that huge book with my little hands. And I knew then at 6 years old (not knowing of her tragedy but only beauty) I wanted to be just like her.

My love for Marilyn has come down from many generations and I know her image will forever be etched in my mind.

If you could tell her *one* thing, that she would be able to hear, what would it be?
"You were, and will remain forever, loved."

... Michelle Frazier remembers Marilyn

I was born in 1956, while Marilyn was married to Joe.

I had just turned 6 yrs. old in 1962 just three days before she died, but I do remember hearing of her tragic death. I remember hearing about her on the news and her movies as a child. It was not until later though (1974) after I read a book about her written by Norman Mailer that I became a huge fan. I couldn't read or find enough about her. I began buying and collecting everything I could about her. Friends and family also get me things.
I have quite a LARGE collection of memorabelia and she has impacted my life in a very big way !! I have "always" felt a certain "connection" to her, as many of her fans probably do.