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... introduction

    41 years ago, the death of Marilyn Monroe was revealed to the world. This frail yet incredibly strong being's disappearance saddened the whole planet.

Her heavenly body hid a scared little girl traumatized by abandonment, and scared to never be loved enough. It was also hiding a sensitive woman with a luminescent spirit, one that, somehow, is still shedding light onto our lives.

41 years ago can seem forever for one who follows carefully the news everyday. For one who has seen the world change its face many times over since then. How things have changed since this sad day of 1962 ! Women's rights, civil rights, the media... everything. With the 41 years of perspective we now have on Marilyn and the whole context in which she lived, it seems obvious, even at times extremely astonishing, to see how much ahead of her times she actually was.

Maybe this is the key to her everlasting influence on all of us. Maybe this is what makes her eternal : many of us can relate to her, understand her.
She was trying to express truths that were not tolerated back then. Trying to express a pain and suffering no one cared about at a time when all that was expected from a sex symbol was for her to be one, period.

Who cared about the scared little girl behind this electric figure? Those huge blue eyes that could express agony or hapinness in such a powerful way ? Who cared about what she could think and feel ?
"Shut up and be beautiful Marilyn. Just be sexy for the world should be content".

God only knows how much more she could have brought to the world if they had let her speak ? For Marilyn was one hell of a woman : determined, intelligent, bright, sweet, sensitive and loving. Had she been born nowadays, we can only hope she would have got the treatment she deserved as one of the sweetest Princesses of this world.

Wherever she is now, whether she is watching and listening to us or not, Marilyn still has an impact on many habits and many people. Some who felt it was important enough for them to dedicate a part of their life to her, as a pure homage.
Their words are all touching, each one of them in their own way and I can only hope that by reading their words, more and more people will hold a good thought for Marilyn, as these were among her very last known words.

Aug. 2003.

... growing up under Marilyn's influence

 David Marshall
 Larry Smith
 miscellaneous short testimonies

... paying a life tribute to Marilyn

 Joshua Greene
... son of Marilyn's friend and associate Milton Greene, now working on restoring his father's photograph archive.

 Suzie Kennedy
... famous British Marilyn impersonator, Suzie has payed tributes to Marilyn by portraying her on many occasions. She is also a dedicated admirer of Marilyn's.

 Clark Kidder
... author of several books about Marilyn Monroe collectibles and magazine covers, his books have met a huge success among Marilyn's admirers.

 Jack Allen
... author of the first digitally-restored book of Marilyn Monroe images ...

 David Klein
... a famous Jazz saxophonist, David paid a wonderful and touching tribute to Marilyn with his "My Marilyn" album. U P C O M I N G

... working with Marilyn

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