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... Larry Smith remembers Marilyn

How and by whom was Marilyn brought into your life?

I first knew of MM from her movie, "The Prince and the Showgirl." This was the first time I saw her on the screen although I had seen photos of her in magazines but this was the first time I recall seeing her act.

What are your fondest memories (related to your childhood) that include Marilyn ?

It is that she set the tone of being sexy and beautiful.

Do you have an idea of the reason that made you feel Marilyn was different and made you keep her as a part of your life since your childhood ?

She has the beauty that many women wish they had. She sets a standard for a beautiful and yet wholesome sexy woman.

Do you have the feeling that she changed something in your life or had an influence on the way you grew up and on what made you who you are now?

I guess I based my concept of a beautiful and sexy woman upon the image of MM. I became myself on my own merits. I don't think that I can attribute any influence to MM.

If you were already born during Marilyn's lifetime and familiar in a way or another with her, what is that that struck you the most about her? How do you feel the media was communicating about her by then? Has this changed in a way or another?

I am 16 years younger than Marilyn. I was most impressed by her beauty and her sex appeal. The media oversaturated her and wore her out. Also, she should have been given better movies to act in.

41 years ago, the world was shocked and saddened by the news of her death. Do you remember that day and what you felt when you learnt that she had passed away ?

Yes and no. I was in the military at Biloxi, Mississippi the whole year of 1962 going to technical school. I had little exposure to Hollywood when I was 20 years old.

Is her presence in your life something you try to keep private, all yours, or do you try to pass it on to your family, friends, children? If so, what do you say to them so they can feel what you feel about her?

No: It's a private one.

If you could tell her *one* thing, that she would be able to hear, what would it be?

"Marilyn you had the wrong men in your life to love. None of them gave you the support that you needed during your life and career. Also, your managers/agents/studios did not properly take care of you as they should have."