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... Joshua Greene remembers Marilyn

pictures © Milton Greene
How, and when did you first hear of Marilyn that triggered a special interest from you ?

Well my situation was a little different. Marilyn knew me when I was still in the womb - and lived with my family until I was 4 years old. As I grew up, naturally there was always talk, images and references made to her my entire life.

Have you ever met Marilyn? If so, do you still remember your first thoughts when you saw her, what you felt when she was around ?

Just the fun that a child feels when being loved and tickled to death.

What is your fondest memory of Marilyn ?

See #2.

What was it that you loved the most in Marilyn's public persona? Is it what triggered you to dedicate a part of your professionnal career to her? If not, what did ?

Her sense of absolutely knowing how to 'play' to a person or a camera. No insecurity and 100% in the present.
I haven't dedicated my professional career to her. I've dedicated it to the restoration and preservation of photography and originally focused on my father, the artist and I have always tried to maintain the integrity and decency that he showed towards all of his subjects - particularly Marilyn.

Why Marilyn ?

See #4.

Has this dedication brought you anything more than you were expecting? What were you expecting and what did you finally end up with?

We are very grateful and do not take for granted any or all of the good people or opportunities that cross our paths - or that we have the good fortune to work with. It's very hard to maintain higher standards when we have such a large archive to make available. We are also very protective and sensitive to the manner in which Milton's Marilyn Monroe pictures appear.

Do you consider your actions related to Marilyn as a great achievement in your life?

I'm very proud of the results that we've produced on behalf of the Archive's commitment to preserving Milton's 'Monroe Collection'.

Do you feel you could dedicate as much time and effort as you did for Mariyn for any other celebrity? Why?

Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. -
Again, my dedication is not solely driven by Marilyn. It's driven by photography with the intent to save as many historic and wonderful images before they fade away. Keep in mind that all photography of all subjects are threatened by a 30-150 year lifespan. And, we'll never save it all.

Marilyn died in Aug. 62. 41 years later, do you feel she has had an impact on this world, and how ?

I think it's important that we do not see Marilyn as a 'victim'. She would have hated that.
In today's world, a person who was dealt the personal challenges that she was - finds it possible to have completely different types of medication, support systems and psycho therapy. It's been proven that if Marilyn would have been born in the 60s, she probably would have overcome most of the trauma and difficulties that she was faced with.

Today we are comemorating the 41 anniversary of her death. If you could tell her one thing, that she would be able to hear, what would it be ?

"You want to hear Ella or Frank?"

... learn more about Joshua Greene and his work for The Archives

As you probably know, Joshua has been working hard on the restoration and preservation of his father's work for years. You can learn more about the restoration process here on the site.
Also, Milton's works are displayed on the Archive's website at The archives have recently shared new never seen before Marilyn Monroe pictures, which you can see here.

Finally, Josuha has directed the work of James Kotsilibas-Davis for an amazing book you should all get, if you don't already have it, called "Milton's Marilyn". The book is filled with hundreds of pictures of Marilyn. Casual Marilyn, Marilyn at work, Marilyn among friends. You all have it here, beautifully immortalized by the lense of Milton Greene. Learn more about "Milton's Marilyn" here, and get yourself a copy here. This is the first Marilyn related book I ever got and it has always been my favourite. It's honestly a MUST HAVE !