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... Jack Allen published a digitally-restored book of Marilyn pictures

How, and when did you first hear of Marilyn that triggered a special interest from you ?

Back in 1986 I first became intrigued by the star. An avid film buff growing up, I certainly was familiar with Marilyn's film career, but I yearned to know more about what the actual person was like. I joined the club "Marilyn Remembered" in an attempt to meet others who had actually worked with the star to get a better sense of what she was all about.

Have you ever met Marilyn? If so, do you still remember your first thoughts when you saw her, what you felt when she was around ?
I wish.

What is your fondest memory of Marilyn ?

My favorite memory is of Marilyn in the swimming pool on the set of "Something's Got to Give"... So vibrant, sensual, galvanizing.

What was it that you loved the most in Marilyn's public persona? Is it what triggered you to dedicate a part of your professionnal career to her? If not, what did ?

I was most fascinated by the fact that Marilyn was at heart not a star, but rather an average girl driven by the basic human need to be loved. My book "Marilyn by Moonlight" is an eye-opener for most people unacquainted with Marilyn's private side... Her reminiscences are so sincere an un-Hollywood.

Why Marilyn ?

No one else had that certain "something"... Looks, charisma, sweetness... The magic that made her the icon of the 20th Century.

Has this dedication brought you anything more than you were expecting? What were you expecting and what did you finally end up with?

My energies with Digital Photography in "Marilyn by Moonlight" led to my opening my own digital photo lab, Dream City in Los Angeles (

Do you consider your actions related to Marilyn as a great achievement in your life?

Not a great achievement but a satisfying one.

Do you feel you could dedicate as much time and effort as you did for Mariyn for any other celebrity? Why?

Perhaps, but she is on a very short list... That's for sure.

Marilyn died in Aug. 62. 41 years later, do you feel she has had an impact on this world, and how ?

She continues to be an inspiration and an eye-opener to others who share her dream of being a star. From her tragedy, we are continually reminded that the same Hollywood machinery that makes Norma Jeanes into Marilyn Monroes is the same machinery that tears them down again.

Today we are comemorating the 41 anniversary of her death. If you could tell her one thing, that she would be able to hear, what would it be ?

"You had no reason to feel insecure, Marilyn. You had talent too !"

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