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... Clark Kidder writes about Marilyn

How, and when did you first hear of Marilyn that triggered a special interest from you ?

About 1983, when my grandfather Earl Kidder and I sat and watched The Prince and the Showgirl together. It was the first MM film I had ever seen. I was mesmerized by her. Grandfather had mentioned on a few occasions prior just how tragic MM's death was, so I was somewhat familiar with her.

Have you ever met Marilyn? If so, do you still remember your first thoughts when you saw her, what you felt when she was around ?

What is your fondest memory of Marilyn ?

She just seemed so "perfect" on the outside, but then I began to realize the torture she went through on the inside. Inside, she was just this lost little girl looking for the love she never really had in childhood. I guess I related to that somehow.

Why Marilyn ?

I wish I knew. I try to self-analize, but really don't have an answer. For some reason, I felt a connection to her. She's brought me much happiness in my life. Seems odd to say such a thing about a person that died the year before I was born. For someone to reach out and inspire from "beyond the grave" suggests a certain greatness in that individual. She was our modern day Aphrodite...Cleopatra, if you will.

Has this dedication brought you anything more than you were expecting? What were you expecting and what did you finally end up with?

One thing just lead to another, and now I've authored five books on Marilyn. I wasn't really expecting anything. I just wanted to honor a great person.

Do you consider your actions related to Marilyn as a great achievement in your life?

Yes. My books have brought me much joy, though they were a lot of work to compile.

Do you feel you could dedicate as much time and effort as you did for Mariyn for any other celebrity? Why?

I don't think so. Marilyn is in a category all her own. John Wayne and Elvis come close, but Marilyn's star shines the brightest.

Marilyn died in Aug. 62. 41 years later, do you feel she has had an impact on this world, and how ?

Oh yes, she brought much joy to people in life, and continues to do so, all these years later. She inspires artists, authors, and young actors, all over the world.

Today we are comemorating the 41 anniversary of her death. If you could tell her one thing, that she would be able to hear, what would it be ?

"I wish you could have found true happiness in your life Marilyn, and that you could have lived to be a ripe old age, enjoying children, and grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I'm sorry that life was so unkind to you. Sweet dreams."

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