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Full Version: [Review] Making The Misfits
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Title: Making The Misfits
Original air date (or production date): 2001
Nationality: US

Duration: 55 minutes
Presented by: Brian Dennehy
Produced by: Margaret Smilow
Directed by: Gail Levin

Additional information:


Well, I got a wonderful surprise today as a friend sent me this documentary which I have wanted for so long. For anyone who likes The Misfits, it's a must-have. Interviewees include Arthur Miller, Eli Wallach, Nan Taylor, Inge Morath, Eve Arnold, and Angela Allen. There is also some rare footage from the location.

There was a nice story about how Arthur came out from watching the rushes, and said 'Wasn't Marilyn fantastic in her close-up?' In fact there were three other actors on camera, but Arthur only had eyes for his wife.

Sad points included Gable's death, of course, and the collapse of Arthur and Marilyn's marriage. Angela Allen said that Marilyn treated Arthur 'despicably', but then she was very unhappy at the time. It's sad that their relationship had to end in such ugliness, but this is what often happens when people fall out of love.

Definitely one of the best documentaries out there and well worth watching. The Misfits is one of my favourite Marilyn movies, because despite its flaws, and the pain it caused for everyone, it is probably her most fully realised performance. It gives me a tantalising hint of the great actress she could have become - although what she achieved was remarkable enough.

Overall note: 5 out of 5 Stars
Wow, that sounds fantastic! biggrin.gif

Do you know if you're able to buy it anywhere, or is it purely a TV Doc which I'd have to look out for?
Thanks, I'll look out for it thumbup1.gif
Lauren Michele
Thank you Tara! I would love to see it and I trust your judgement completely. bye1.gif ..Lauren M.
omg I was SO MAD when pbs was showing it and I came across it...and then they had technical difficulties and so i had to just watch it with no sound... and they didnt even replay it. :( *cries*
Here is the documentary on my Marilyn Youtube channel smile1.gif

Click to view attachment
Caught this for the first time on You Tube today Well worth a watch!!! Why have I not seen this before?!
Joan Newman
Thank you 'Fav'. thumbup1.gif
That was so great !! clapping.gif
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