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Full Version: Same Ending On Documenteries
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Lauren Michele
Hi everyone. I sincerely apologize if this topic has been rehashed over and over. I am a newbie and I hope I am writing and expressing my view in the forum. I, not that long ago, purchased a Marilyn documentary from the internet. A reputable place. It had a 5 star rating and I am disappointed. They all end the same way. Perhaps I want them to end the way I see fit, the way I believe she died. I have my theory on how Marilyn died and just about every documentary ends the same way. I am afraid to say how I believe she died for I don't want to make anyone, I guess, attack me. The documentary is Intimate Portrait. I admit it is only 45 minutes long but is that why they end it so quickly and say she died the way she did? Do you all express how you believe she died or do you hold it in so as not to cause arguements? I'll be glad to talk about my opinion and again a may be on the wrong forum now. But most documentaries end the same and it upsets me. Thank you for reading!!! Lauren Michele. bye1.gif
I know what you mean....I hate the endings of all those Marilyn Documentaries.
Not necisarily becuase they don't discuss different theries...Its just that I hate that she died in the first place.
I always turn stop watching as soon as the narrator says "..and on August 4, Marilyn Monroe....

I shut off the Tv becuase I just don't like thinking about how AVOIDABLE this death was.

Murder, suicied, whatever...IT WAS PREVENTABLE! no.gif
Lauren Michele
I agree with you 100%. Her death depresses me along with I'm sure everyone who loves her. I just wanted to write that. I had to get that out of my system. I guess we still don't know how she died so they have to choose one or the other. Say she depressed and committed suicide rather than drag the Kennedy clan into it because the show has no proof. It's just very sad either way like you said. I usually don' t talk about this. I cannot picture her without life in her body. no.gif If someone on here want's to talk about this in an adult fashion i'll do it but I will have to block her beauty out of my head and strickley talk about opinions. I think I can do that. I just can' t look at her pictures.
QUOTE(Lauren Michele @ Apr 8 2006, 12:54 AM) [snapback]102452[/snapback]
I just can' t look at her pictures.

I know what you mean.
It is the post autopsy picture that really gets to me. The pre-autopsy one is much more pleasant to look at.
The post autopsy one is really look like she was bashed by street thugs or something! no.gif
Lauren Michele
You know, i've heard so much about them but I have never seen them. The only picture I have seen of marilyn passed away was on the autopsy table and she was covered neck down. I saw her face though and her hair. That's all I want to see and I have a stomach for these things too. Lauren Michele.
biggrin.gif Hi gang:
Has anyone have the spanish documentary Autopsia de Marilyn monroe (MM Autopsy) it starts with a computerized recreation of MM in her final state and how it recreates her supposed death . i saw a bit on internet and i am searching thru emule if i can find it , if any of the gang from spain has it please contact me (PM)
Thanks hugs
Lauren Michele
No, Nicky I have not seen that. I was expressing how almost all the documentaries I have seen regaring Marilyn demise ends very quickly and says she was over come with depression and commited suicited. I have Intimate Portrait I believe I wrote that, 5 stars, and it ended so abruptly it is only 45 minutes long. I am not happy with it. I have my own opinion and incase you and I disagree and this is the wrong forum?...I'll keep it inside.

Nicky is it all spanish? I don't understand but I would still watch it!! My cousin Is Puerto Rican and she knows words she can help me.

Oh I see, Spain! That is different if I am not mistaking blush.gif

Thanks for telling us!! cheekkiss.gif Hugs back!
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