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Full Version: I Read This In The National Examiner A Few Weeks Ago...
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"the mafia killed Marilyn Monroe....on orders from the CIA,claims the brother of infamous mob boss Sam Giancana.
Chuck Giancana and his nephew Sam blow the lid off the decades old mystery in their recent book,Double Cross.
They claim that Marilyn,bitter after being dumped by both John F.Kennedy and his brother Bobby,was threatening to spill the details of her torrid affairs with them and crime-lord Giancana.
The theory is that once Marilyn started threatning to talk,she scared everyone who had been involved with her and it was a question over who would shut her up....and when.
According to the book,the CIA gave Mafia chief Giancana the green light to ice the blonde bombshell.
Giancana hired trusted assasin "Needles" Gianola,his sidekick "Mugsy" Torterella and two other killers to do the job.They entered Marilyn's home shortly before midnight August 4th 1962,taped her mouth shut and inserted a doctored suppository containing the barbiturate Nembutol in her rectum.
After she was dead,they removed the tape,wiped the house clean,placed her across the bed next to bottles of pills and left.
Her nude,lifeless body was dicovered in the morning."

okay,i always thought that it was the Mob that killed her....what do you guys think?....
Lauren Michele
But I have a question. John Kennedy hated the mafia. He wanted to rid of them. Why would the mafia do this for the Kennedy's? If this story were indeed true, the mafia would be well liked by John Kennedy. Is that what they wanted so badly? I guess not to be brought down...............Lauren Michele
Rumour has it that Joe Kennedy did a deal with the Mafia to help JFK win the election. I don't know how accurate this is, but it was Bobby who hated the Mafia most. He saw organised crime as the most serious problem in the US, more so than communism. After Jack won the election and made Bobby Attorney General, Bobby continued his crusade against the Mafia. Mafia bosses had hoped that the Kennedy government would ease off on them as a returned favour, but Bobby had other ideas. I think the Mafia turned against the Kennedys at this point, so any action regarding MM would have been to discredit them, not to help them.
thats the exact same theory i had. I always suspected she planned on exposing some very dirty secrets about the Kennedys ties to the mafia. I heard the story about how the mafia influenced the election of JFK. i dont know how Bobby felt about the mafia but any bad press dealing with JFK was bound to become bad press for him as well. just my thoughts:)
I don't believe that either of the Kennedys would have told state secrets to Marilyn, or any other girlfriend. They were far too smart to do that. I don't believe they told her anything about Cuba or the Mafia. That would have been the last thing on their mind. They didn't chase women so they could talk politics all night.

Also, Marilyn was always discreet about her affairs. If she had told the world about her affair with JFK, it would have finished her career. It is always the woman who gets the blame, even if that woman is a famous movie star. JFK could have recovered, but not Marilyn.

If the story had come out, Marilyn would have been vilified as the woman who slept with Jackie Kennedy's husband, and Jackie was immensely popular all over the world. However hurt she might have felt, Marilyn understood how the press operated, and for that reason I very much doubt she would ever have sold her story.
Lauren Michele
Yes, i agree with you. I don't understand why people think Marilyn had all of this God Almighty knowledge and she needed to be silenced forever. I find it highly unlikely Jack and Bobby and others would have told Marilyn Monroe top secret information when they got together to socialize. It just doesn't make logistical sense to me whatsoever. Spies get whacked. Snitches get whacked. The murder conspiracy theory does not fit in this scenerio.
It was proven that rigor mortis had been setting in way before midnight. So that theory she was killed right before that hour makes it unlikely. Also, why would they leave MM's maid, Eunice Murray alive, when she was there? Don't you think they would have killed her too? And we know that Robert Kennedy and Greenson were at the house that day. Neighbors saw Kennedy that night boarding a helicopter near by (as I recollect).
Lauren Michele
QUOTE(meganmarilyn @ Sep 2 2006, 06:36 PM) [snapback]113732[/snapback]
It was proven that rigor mortis had been setting in way before midnight. So that theory she was killed right before that hour makes it unlikely. Also, why would they leave MM's maid, Eunice Murray alive, when she was there? Don't you think they would have killed her too? And we know that Robert Kennedy and Greenson were at the house that day. Neighbors saw Kennedy that night boarding a helicopter near by (as I recollect).

Well, i believe Megan that Marilyn commited suicide that is why Eunice was alive. I will always be confused as to why it took so long for the Dr. and the Morgue to remove Marilyn's body that night. I don't know if it was the police or what. That will always bother me though. no.gif We may disagree on the manner of death.
i read this book years ago..good book...but c'mon..most of it seemed either exaggerated or to be completely's and excerpt on monroe..

Here is what the 1992 best-selling book, Double Cross: The Explosive, Inside Story Of The Mobster Who Controlled America had to say about Marilyn Monroe's murder on pp. 314-315:

Bobby Kennedy finally did appear at Marilyn's home, late on Saturday, accompanied by another man. Listening in on the conversation, Giancana's men ascertained that Marilyn was more than a little angry at Bobby. She became agitated - hysterical in fact - and in response, they heard Kennedy instruct the man with him, evidently a doctor, to give her a shot to "calm her down." Shortly thereafter, the attorney general and the doctor left.

The killers waited for the cover of darkness and, sometime before midnight, entered Marilyn's home. She struggled at first, it was said, but already drugged by the injected sedative, thanks to Bobby's doctor friend, their rubber-gloved hands easily forced her nude body to the bed. Calmly, and with all the efficiency of a team of surgeons, they taped her mouth shut and preceded to insert a specially "doctored" Nembutal suppository into her anus. Then they waited.

The suppository, which [Charles] Nicoletti said had been prepared by the same Chicago chemist who concocted the numerous chemical potions for the Castro hit, had been a brilliant choice. A lethal dosage of sedatives administered orally, and by force, would have been too risky, causing suspicious bruising during a likely struggle, as well as vomiting - a side effect that typically resulted from ingesting the huge quantities necessary to guarantee death.

Using a suppository would eliminate any hope of reviving Marilyn, should she be found, since the medication was quickly absorbed through the anal membrane directly into the bloodstream. There'd be nothing in the stomach to pump out. Additionally, a suppository was as fast acting as an injection, but left no needle mark for a pathologist to discover. In short, it was the perfect weapon with which to kill Marilyn Monroe.

Indeed, within moments of insertion, the suppository's massive combination of barbiturates and chlorylhydrate quickly entered her bloodstream, rendering her totally unconscious. The men carefully removed the tape, wiped her mouth clean, and placed her across the bed. Their job completed, they left as quietly as they had come.

It as at this point that Giancana had hoped "Act Two" of the drama would begin - that next, Bobby Kennedy's affair with the distraught, love-scorned starlet would be exposed.

ok one,,,there was no injection site found...two no signs of struggle...three, it has never really been proven bobby was even there that day....and finally, even...lets say...robert kennedy was there with a dr..and marilyn got upset, do you really think she would say,,,well ok give me a shot to calm me down.. its all so ridiculous.
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