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Full Version: Marilyn Monroe Wedding Gown
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I just finnished reading the Donald Spoto book and he mentioned a wedding gown in which marilyn was going to marry on the 8th of august 1962.
and now i was curious if anyone knew what the dress was going to look like and if anyone had a picture of the dress. biggrin.gif
From what I recall, it was never actually confirmed to be a wedding gown. What was confirmed is that Marilyn was having a gown designed by Jean Louis (who designed her Birthday Gala gown) when she passed. I've never seen any photos of it though! I wonder if any exist?! throb.gif
I have seen a picture but can't find it. I am one of the 'doubters' re the wedding story. The dress was made of quite heavy material and doesn't seem suitable for a summer wedding. Marilyn wanted to wear it to the stage show 'Mr President' which was opening in Washington that autumn. I find it hard to believe that she would have worn her wedding dress again.

It's a nice story but I'm not convinced by Mr Spoto's remarriage theory. I'll look for the picture though.

PS Here is the dress ...
Aww i would have loved to see her wearing the dress cry.gif
It doesn't really look like a wedding dress to me, aside from being white.
I have always wondered what it would look like.Thanks Tara.
I've heard somewhere, she wanted to have that dress for a preview [edit/ tare mentioned it, the Mr. President event] or something like that. But for me it looks very simple for a preview event. Even if I don't know what to think of the wedding-story, the dress looks more like a wedding-dress to me because Joe DiMaggio loved her seing/wearing such simple female dresses (withour showing her lovely roundnesses etc.)

It does look very much like a wedding gown, IMO. However, it doesn't really prove anything if this is all Spoto has to go by.
It looks sparkly to me. IMHO, a wedding dress wouldn't be covered in sequins.
Joan Newman

Marilyn Fitted For a $1600 Gown
Just Before Death
August 13, 1962

The Times quoted Mrs. Elizabeth Courtney, fitter for Designer Jean Louis,
"She said there was nothing pressing."
"she wanted to have it ready for the next party she was invited to."

PS Not that she would want to tell her she wanted it for a private reason, like a wedding or to see Kennedy again.
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