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Full Version: Which Is Better?- Fred Lawrence Guiles Or Barbara Leaming?
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Which biographie on Marilyn is better?
Fred Lawrence Guiles Biographir or Barbara Leaming
Because I want to buy one of then, which one is better?
This is a tough choice Robby, because they are both well reading. I would probably go for Guiles, because it covers a wider area. The only thing is, there are two editions of his book: Norma Jean (1969), and Legend (1986). The second one goes into more detail about RFK.

As for Leaming, she tends to concentrate more on Marilyn's relationship with Arthur, and she also had access to details of her business dealings with Fox. It has a more narrow focus but is also interesting.
Thank you Tara!
Here is a link to a twenty-page GH Book Special, taken from Guiles' 1969 book.

This link is to the first chapter of Leaming's book:
I think Fred Lawrence Guiles's "Norma Jeane" is a classic - not perfect but it has it's pros: It covers maybe better than most MM-books her early childhood and adolescence, it has been praised for that for decades and has been a source for many MM-biographers since it was published for the first time in 1969 -
I've read it but don't remember now exactly, but I think it contains a lot of interviews of people who knew Marilyn and who were still alive and well when Guiles made the book, therefore it could be considered quite trustworthy and authentic, whereas Leaming's book is based mostly on books that others have written. Maybe the Miller-part in it is indeed more spesific.
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