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Full Version: [request] Marilyn's Man - Any Reviews ?
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It seemed that much anticipation was arised by this new DVD.
But has anybody actually bought it ?
I think Chris has seen it, but most of us are waiting for the Region 2 version. htmamillion_200.gif
I found it in blockbuster video store by accident. Was at a movie sale when i saw it
I ask the store if they can get me a copy - not available in australia.

my friend got his copy from amazons about a few weeks ago.
i think he paid about $12.00 US for it.

"0) jilly thumbup1.gif
I went to the movies premiere in portsmouth N.H. ( I live right up the road) . It is a lovely movie, just one of the best done on Norma Jeane. The viewer gets such an incredibble look intot he private life of Norma and Jimmie- there are photros of her in this documentary I've nver seen before ( private photos from HJIm's abums) lovely little tid bits about her daily life...I'll write a more thourouh review tomorrow( it's late in my part of the world and I'm starting to nod off).
Oh dear! I still want to see it though ... Harald, did you think it was accurate? Because that's what annoys me, when they get the facts wrong.

I've heard both good and bad things about this doc, but I'm still curious. Until it comes out on Region 2 though, I'll have to wait.
Lauren Michele
Well, thanks for letting us know. ohmy.gif Lauren Michele
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