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Full Version: [tv-alert] The Body Of Marilyn Monroe
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Wednesday, August 17, 11:25pm

Thursday, August 18, 2:20am

This documentary focuses on Marilyn's health problems, including endometriosis and depression, and her addiction to prescribed drugs.
thanks for letting us know Tara. I don't have SKY or Cable so don't get BBC3 but my boyfriend's mum does, so she is going to tape it for me clapping.gif
Could you please tell us how it was??
QUOTE(Mandydolphin @ Aug 17 2005, 05:58 PM)
Could you please tell us how it was??

Yes, of course biggrin.gif
Well guys and girls, it was interesting, as anything about Marilyn is but I wasn't overly impressed. It was filmed in a weird way with a MM lookalike lying naked on an autopsy table (towel covering her modesty) and they used computer simulation to look inside her body at the effects of endometriosis, barbituates etc. There was footage from Marilyn's life, including the early video of her doing cartwheels on the beach, but nothing rare. Donald Spoto and Donald Wolffe were interviewed. It was mainly all bout Marilyn's drug and drink problems and they mentioned she may have had up to TWELVE abortions which wouldn't have helped her conceive (not sure whether I beleive that a woman who so desperately wanted kids would have 12 abortions...maybe one in the early years, I dunno) they also spoke about her fears of mental illness and her insomnia and depression.
So thats all I can remember, it was okay. I have taped it for my collection but it wasn't that great. Too much medical stuff and not enough Marilyn - but mind you it was called The Body Of Marilyn Monroe!!!
Thank you for your review.I was curious if it was any good or not
rachealmarie, in that documentary it said that MM once told a friend that 'she had spent a great deal of a time on her knees in Hollywood' trying to get in a movie?! Do you believe that? unsure.gif
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