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Edited by mels after the programme aired: to read the full review of the documentary dedicated to Marilyn, please scroll down to post #8 or click here!


The Prince, The Showgirl And Me is showing this Friday, August 12, at 12:25 am. (Just after midnight Thurs, so set your VCR now!) It is a documentary based on Colin Clark's book about the making of the film. I've seen it before and it is very good.
Ooooh goodie, I'd like to get that on tape. What channel is it?
QUOTE(marie-marilyn @ Aug 11 2005, 04:40 PM)
Ooooh goodie, I'd like to get that on tape. What channel is it?

Please tell me it's on Bbc 1 or 2!!
It's BBC4 I'm afraid - sorry, forgot to mention that! doh.gif
That's okay - it's good for me that I have that channel!!
But not so good for me. cry.gif
I have that channel but i can't tape it :(

Title:The Prince, The Showgirl And Me
Original air date (or production date):2003

Duration:60 minutes
Presented by:Colin Clark
Produced by:Basil Comely/BBC
Directed by:Claire Beavan
Additional information: Unknown

Review: This documentary is presented by Colin Clark, who wrote the book of the same. It is based on his diaries during filming of 'The Prince And The Showgirl'. Clark was third assistant director, a gopher to Sir Laurence Olivier.
Clever use of vintage footage gives you a good idea of what is was like to make a movie in England at the time. Its tone is initially light-hearted, but that changes when Marilyn Monroe arrives. Olivier was intimidated by her fame, and didn't know how to handle this fragile star.
MM was never alone, always surrounded by either Paula Strasberg, Milton Greene or her new husband, Arthur Miller. They all thought they knew what was best for Marilyn, and vied with each other for her attention.
'The Prince And The Showgirl' was the first and only film to be produced by Marilyn's own company. Olivier, who was directing as well as co-starring, quickly took control of the picture, leaving Marilyn and her camp out in the cold.
The crew, loyal to Olivier, despised Marilyn. Her lateness and nerves worsened, as did her dependence on pills. She was out of her element among the theatrical snobs that dominated the British film industry.
And yet Marilyn gave a charming, natural performance, stealing the film from Olivier. Although she had very little training, her mastery of film technique was superior to his. She worked well with cameraman Jack Cardiff, who photographed her beautifully.
There is a wonderful old interview with Dame Sybil Thorndike who talks warmly of Marilyn as 'a darling girl ... I never had any trouble with her'. It is a very enjoyable documentary, and sympathetic to Marilyn. My only criticism is of the last five minutes, when Clark claims to have become intimate with MM, even sharing her bed. This wasn't mentioned in the original book, and I feel that he only said this to make more money.

Overall note: 4 out of 5 Stars.
I wish I could have seen it cry.gif but there is no BBC4 in Holland alas.

Doesnīt it drive you crazy all those men claiming to have shared MMīs bed wacko.gif !! In many cases no more than wishfull thinking I am sure but unfortunally MM isnīt around to set the records straight anymore no.gif !

hug.gif Suus
I just got around to watching my recording of this today. It was incredibly different to what I thought it would have been. It was told in the manner of a story and Mr Clark was the narrator with some interesting backing music along the way to lighten the programme. The part of the programme involving Marilyn was very insightful though I think we could have done without the other bits ie Mr Clark's references to his sexual shenanigens.

I was genuinely touched by the way that Dame Sybil Thorndike talked about Marilyn. She was so understanding and spoke incredibly warmly about her. There was no interview footage to hear Laurence Olivier's side of things. Colin Clark did comment that Mr Olivier thought at first that he could have had an affair with Marilyn but after spending more than a few days with her, preferred to ring her neck instead. Nice eh.

I think he felt like that about the Strasberg's. They showed interview footage of Paula talking, not about Marilyn, but this is the first time I've ever actually heard her voice. It was weird because she is painted as this awfully demonic figure of power in many a Marilyn bio but actually hearing her speak made her seem suddenly very real. One story from Colin involved him driving both Marilyn and Paula back to Parkside and hearing Paula in the back buttering up Marilyn saying 'You are the most wonderful actress in the world and I have waited all my life to work with such an actress.'. She then went on to get on her knees in the back of the car and continue this sycophancy all the way to Parkside.

Arthur Miller was painted in an unflattering light though there was no mention of the strain he must have been under with the house of unamerican activities to balance it up.

Re Colin Clarke's involvement with Marilyn he said he spent several days with her while Arthur was in Paris and that they went for some days out and she ended up kissing him. As for anything further, he said he was a complete gentleman. It was an intriguing twist to the end of this tale and not entirely unbelievable considering the strain, loneliness and alienation she was experiencing.

Overall an extremely different type of Marilyn programme with some excellent footage of her stay here and worth a glance if you get the time and are not easily offended.

Links to various webpages re this documentary/book are here:
wow i wish i could have seen that but unfortunately i dont have that channel cry.gif crybaby.gif
Fav, thanks for your review and the great links. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on this subject. elastingstar.gif
Zelda Zonk
Thanks for your reviews, Tara and Fav. biggrin.gif I've always wanted to watch this documentary; seems very interesting and different, but, alas, no BBC4 for moi.
QUOTE(Tara @ Aug 22 2005, 04:01 PM)
Fav, thanks for your review and the great links. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on this subject.  elastingstar.gif

Cheers for giving me the nod yes.gif and no probs Zel balloon.gif
yes there are unnescasary rude bits in the programme and its not between MM and the man either...........
It's on YouTube in seven installments:

Part One-

Is ther any actual footage of Marilyn with Colin? or Colin on the set?
QUOTE(eddie @ Mar 25 2010, 10:49 AM) *
Is ther any actual footage of Marilyn with Colin? or Colin on the set?

No, not in the documentary. In the book there's a photo of the entire cast and crew and Clark's there, as I recall. It's confirmed that Clark worked on the film and thus would indeed have observed Marilyn at work, however I think that's probably as far as their association went. I found the first book - though not the second - and the documentary interesting, but over the years I've come to doubt that Clark ever knew Marilyn as well as he said.
QUOTE(Nancy @ Mar 25 2010, 12:45 AM) *
It's on YouTube in seven installments:

Part One-


Thanks Nancy!!! I will watch it when I get home from work clapping.gif marilynbybrandon_190.gif
Does anyone have this documentary on DVD at all?

Maybe we could trade?!
QUOTE(Nancy @ Mar 25 2010, 08:45 AM) *
It's on YouTube in seven installments:

Part One-


Hello Nancy! I had to put all the marilyn videos on private sometime ago on my 77MARKED channel as i had some fool tring to close it down with fake copyright complaints but i opened a new channel last year SGTG77 and the Documentary is on there in 4 parts "The Prince, The showgirl And Me" Part one from top. banana.gif

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