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Full Version: Marilyn Mon Amour By Andre Dedienes
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Joan Newman
I don't have Andre's big new book Marilyn. It is a gorgeous book indeed. I don't feel bad about not having it because I gave probably all of the pictures on my PC, thanks to you guys and others, and that is good enough for me. I have Andre's earlier one, mostly photos, black and white only, and great reading. It only cost $30. Andre has taken some beauties, especially the Tobey Beach ones. But I didn't like him. He was like so many others, I found (from his reading) , obsessed with getting her to bed. I liked reading about their long auto journey and their visit to Marilyn's mom. May I share some of the reading from my book?

It was sad to read about their visit with Marilyn's mom:

"Norma Jeane's mother lived in an old hotel in the center of Portland, in a depressing bedroom on the top floor. The reunion between mother and daughter lacked warmth. They had nothing to say to each other. Mrs. Baker was a woman of uncertain age, emaciated and apathetic, making no effort to put us at our ease. She did not even seem interested in knowing what exactly my relationship with her daughter was. I stayed in the background, pretending to leaf through an old magazine. Norma Jeane put on a cheerful front. She had unpacked the presents we had bought; a scarf, scent, chocolates. They stayed where they were on the table. A silence ensued. Then Mrs. Baker buried her face in her hands and seemed to forget all about us. It was distressing. She had obviously been released from the hospital too soon. There was no point in hanging around. I mentioned an urgent appointment and had no difficulty in taking my leave and Norma Jeane with me. "

(It was sad to read about his last visit with Marilyn June 1, 1961 at the Beverly Hills Hotel) :

"She was alone. On a little table besides some flowers she had placed a jar of caviar and two bottles of champagne. She seemed in very good form. 'What a relief,' she sighed. 'It's so good to have some peace and quiet.'
Fox had organized a cocktail party in her honour at the studios but she had only stayed a few minutes before pleading tiredness and leaving. No one had tried to stop her. They were used to her unpredictable behavior.
'They're all against me. When I just can't take anymore they think I am being temperamental; they can't understand what it's like to be so tired that it's impossible to get out of bed in the morning.'
I knew only too well how badly she was sleeping, her whole nervous system was giving way. What really upset me about her wrecked life was her bitterness; her success was a slam, her hopes thwarted; she had been let down repeatedly, even by the men who had said they loved her. Her money had been squandered; fame had become a burden.
'They've all exploited me and now I've got nothing.'
But she was a star. People would help her go even further, attracted by her fame. Others would profit by her success. This is the way things are.
'For heaven's sake, Marilyn, it's not the end of the world.'
I said this in the same scolding yet cajoling manner she had once used to mollify me when I was complaining about having my camera and case stolen. What I was trying to do was convince her that she was still beautiful, more beautiful than anyone else as far as most men were concerned, and certainly for me.
I could see that the cover had been thrown back from the bed in the next room; I took her in my arms, searching for her lips. I lost my head. She cried out, protesting;
'Oh please, don't ! I'm so tired of all that... Don't ask anything of me, you of all people.'
Her eyes were full of tears. I felt I had been a brute. I knew she had only just left hospital after a major operation. I was ashamed of myself. I said goodbye and left her in peace. Outside the night air smelled good. A doubt assailed me. Was she making a fool of me? There had been so much talk. Perhaps she had got rid of me because she was expecting someone else? I retraced my steps. Her bedroom light went out almost immediately. I stood watching the white curtains of her window, overcome with remorse at my suspicions.
The next day I sent her a basket of her favorite fruit and before she left for Hollywood she left me a bouquet outside my door; a selection of her latest photos. Smiling, radiant- utterly misleading. I little guessed that this was our last goodbye."

I do love my book though.
I once borrowed this book from the library. I really liked it and wanted to get it. I decided to get Andre's new book because it was easily available and had also color photos, but if that book hadn't been released I would probably have gotten this one. The pictures are so beautiful!
And thanks for writing all that text from the book! biggrin.gif
Zelda Zonk
Thanks so much for typing all that, Nettie. It was indeed sad. I'd love to have either one of Andre's books, but I can't seem to find them in any bookstore. no.gif And my parents don't approve of buying online. Andre's Tobey Beach session is one of my favorites of Marilyn. She looks so happy, radiant and free. They're great pictures. biggrin.gif
Joan Newman
My pleasure. Alessia, I hope you find the new one soon. Just breath-takingly beautiful pictures in that one.
Does anyone have a picture of the cover of this book?
QUOTE(Brigitte @ Jun 26 2006, 03:45 PM) [snapback]108300[/snapback]
Does anyone have a picture of the cover of this book?

Here you are Brigitte bye1.gif
Thank you Tara, I'm getting all the books I own on my computer files and this was the only one I didn't have.
I have both books: the new one and Marilyn Mon Amour.

In Marilyn Mon Amour all pictures are black and white, in the new book there are lots of color pictures. I got Marilyn Mon Amour because it has pictures that don't appear in the new book. As Andre Dedienes is one of my favourite Marilyn photographer I wanted to have as many pictures as possible.

Both books are lovely though!
I discovered MARILYN, MON AMOUR at my local library when I was really young, maybe 13. It's the first time I ever saw these Andre de Dienes photos and first time I can remember being fascinated by Marilyn. The photos are somewhat innocent - there is certainly no nudity - but I remember feeling that some of them were so sexually charged that I felt it might be a little too "adult" for me to check out from the library.

Years later when Taschen released MARYLIN in 2002, I splurged and bought that one - the first edition in the giant photographic box, with the replica of de Dienes' diary and a Marilyn calendar. It was way beyond my budget at the time but I'm glad I got it.

De Dienes, in his diaries (in the 2002 book), writing during and after the times he photographed MM, seems obsessed to say the least. One interesting entry was about the very first time he went on a photo outing with Norma Jean and total strangers were coming up to her and proposing marriage! He describes a dress she was wearing that was covered in tiny stars, saying someday she would be the biggest star of them all. (Good call, Andre.)
This is among my five favorite books on Marilyn - a complete piece of art, warmth, beauty and mystery. With mystery I mean this time the feelings of youth, joy and the surrounding LA roads and mountains etc. I feel there is something movie-mystic in the pictures.

Marilyn is so charismatic in these pictures, they are stunning. And so colorful !!Click to view attachment
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