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Full Version: The Kennedy's Part
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I believe The Kennedy's had a part in Marilyn's death because she claimed she had something big that she was going to share with the world, which I think was that fact that she was having an affair with JFK.

There is talk about Peter Lawford having something to do with it.

Last thing on Larry King Live back in 2003 he had a anniversay of Marilyn's Death special with some guests

well Larry asked the guest what do you think happened

Jeanne Carmen claimed Peter Lawford told her what happened, and she believed him even though he was drunk as a skunk, and that she couldnt really tell us what he said.

Full Transcript of Show:

Another Good Website:
Firstly, thanks for the transcript!

It has never been proved that Jeanne Carmen knew Marilyn at all. So you have to be careful there.

I don't believe the Kennedys would have told Marilyn state secrets or anything like that. They would have to be very stupid, and let's face it they weren't!

Also, I don't believe that Marilyn would ever have gone public about her affairs. The Kennedys would get over it, but she would have been destroyed. The woman always gets the blame, look at Monica Lewinsky. Marilyn was far too smart to do that.

I think that after she died, there was a cover-up, ie deleting her phone records, so that no trace of any Kennedy connection could be found. But whether the Kennedys had any part in her death is another question. I doubt it, though nothing's impossible of course.

And as for Mickey Rooney saying he gave MM her name ... that is news to me as well! And James Bacon saying that he introduced her to great literature LOL! These men and their huge egos! Perhaps I'm cynical, but I think some people make a lot of money by going on chatshows and talking about MM. The truth gets left behind at the door.
I beleive she said they were close friends of Marilyn. Witnesses said that RFK was at her house the day she died, so?

check out the first story: this has to do with the housekeeper i think
yeah on that show she was introduced as Marilyn's best friend

JEANNE CARMEN, MARILYN'S BEST FRIEND: I met her in New York City. I was at the Actor's Studio. And I had -- one night, I had my scene to do, my first scene, so I was a little bit nervous. And I stopped in at the -- a bar next -- near the Actor's Studio.
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