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I am at the point of my collecting where I really would like to start purchasing books that have references or chapters about Marilyn - I am especially interested in biographies by people who knew her, but I would also like to have a list of all those bios were an alleged affair/friendship is talked about, even if it is far from the truth, since I just want to know which people claim gotta know your "enemy":)

Anyways, the ones that I own or have photocopied info from are as follows:
1. John Huston: an open book, another Huston book (I am forgetting the name)
2. Cukor book (name - I am so bad with names!)
3. Hawks -"-
4. Lauren Bacall's autobio
5. Marlon Brando's -"-
6. Monty Clift bio by Patricia Bosworth
7. Simone Signoret: Nostalgia is not what it used to be
8. Jane Russel's autobio
9. Arthur Miller: Timebends
10. Billy Wilder: Nobody's perfect (there must be more Wilder books?)
11. Sidney Skolsky: Don't get me wrong, I love Hollywood
12. Elia Kazan: A life
13. Anton LeVey: secret life of a satanist

Then I am aware of !) James Bacon's Hollywood is a four letter town - anyone have info on how it deals with Marilyn?I know he also talked about an affair, 2) Brigitte Bardot - her autobio just mentions how she was presented to the queen at the same time as MM, but which is the bio of her that claims they slept together afterwards? 3) Noguchi's book coroner to the stars (?)
-I might have forgotten something, will add later if I remember them!

IF ANYONE HAS THESE BOOKS, let's share the info therein, I doubt I will buy them what others come to mind, there's got to be lots more! Like Mickey Rooney - she claimed she came up with the name Marilyn Monroe - but what is the name of that book - is there a book about Montand, what about other Arthur Miller bios, how do they deal with Marilyn, or Joe DiMaggio bios, ....etc etc...Please help me out:) redsitting.gif
Hi bye1.gif I found these refs in The Ultimate Marilyn, by Ernest Cunningham, p290 - 305

Jack Cardiff - The Magic Hour
Marlon Brando - Songs My Mother Taught Me
Unsung Genius by Glenn Loney (about Jack Cole)
On Cukor - Gavin Lambert
Tony Curtis, The Autobiography - with Barry Paris
Crowning Glory - Sydney Guilaroff
Screenwriter, the Life and Times of Nunnally Johnson
Movie Stars, Real People and Me - Joshua Logan
Yves Montand - You See, I Haven't Forgotten
Things I Did ... And Things I Think I Did - Jean Negulesco
Confessions Of An Actor - Laurence Olivier
Tell It To Louella - Louella Parsons
Preminger - An Autobiography
Life Is Too Short - Mickey Rooney
My Path and My Detour - Jane Russell
Billy Wilder in Hollywood - Maurice Zolotow
Shelley II: The Middle Of My Century - Shelley Winters

Thanks so much, Tara! clapping.gif LOL I have the Cunningham book but I totally forgot that he lists reference books...Thank you, thank you, thank you! There was a few that I had forgotten but knew about, but now I have to add some of those to my "want" -list!
Do you guys know any more and can you give any insight on how much Marilyn there is in these books and what do they say about her?
Hi again bye1.gif I just bought 'Shelley Also Known As Shirley', by Shelley Winters, which has a lot of material on her friendship with Marilyn - how they met, the time they shared an apartment, and Shelley's visit to the set of River Of No Return. It seems like they knew a lot of the same people - Jack Cole, Brando, Harry Cohn, Howard Hughes.

It's a great read, but ends in the late 50s. Perhaps her later book, 'Shelley II' would have some info about the Actor's Studio, and whether they met again before Marilyn's death. If anyone has this book, can you tell me if it's worth a look?
Thanks!!! I am adding that to my list!!! Let me know if you can think of some more...I remembered Frank Sinatra's bio myself...some of the Kennedy bios must have some stuff (true or false but it must be there...) ...what about Peter Lawford, is there a bio on him...hmm.....I think there must be Lots and lots more than we haven't thought about yet... mmmaf_116.gif
Yes there is a book on Peter Lawford, by James Spada - who also did an MM book... I'd like to read it because Lawford was such a strange man.

George Masters, one of Marilyn's hairdressers, published a book called 'The Masters Way To Beauty', including his thoughts on MM...

I read a Kennedy book called 'The Dark Side Of Camelot' by Seymour Hersh - it contains stuff about JFK's plans to set up a trust fund for Marilyn's mother. But his sources were said to be forgeries. I also read 'RFK' by David Heymann, but the 'Marilyn' chapter didn't offer anything new - just allegations about things she said to her therapist.

I've heard there was a book on Spyros Skouras, but I don't know the name.

Thanks for posting this topic! I can never resist checking the index of showbiz biogs - I found something in a Warren Beatty book the other day. It was about him and Natalie Wood meeting MM at a party, just after her 36th birthday. She reportedly said, "Thirty-six, thirty-six, thirty-six. It's all over." (I have no idea if this is true though.)
Yeah, thanks for replying to it:) Looks like we're the only ones so far but maybe we can make a nice list of MM reference books together!
Spyros Skouras...have to look into that one. Also, we have the bio on Zanuck, but I haven't looked at it yet, my hubby has buried it somewhere in his closet, I have to try and remember to dig it out.
Is the dark side of Camelot the one that is based on Cusack papers? There must be loads of other books too. Btw...I won that James Bacon book on ebay, only for a couple of dollars, I will let you know if it has something interesting unless you have it already. Thanks for posting about the Beatty book too, I am including that in my list as well:) I think I have that Masters-thing (the one on Marilyn) copied somewhere...or was it some other hairdresser of hers, Have to check...
As you can see I am writing this in a hurry, so sorry for the numerous mistakes I am making! Let's keep posting and reading and checking books on the entertainment industry!!!!! jumpymm.gif
Hi again bye1.gif , thought this thread might interest you - New biographies of Fonda and Martin

Also, I saw these interesting titles while browsing Barnes & Noble:

Don't know much about these, but could be interesting...

'All About 'All About Eve'' by Sam Stagg (who also wrote a novel about Marilyn) - Marilyn is cited several times in this book about the making of the movie

The Actor's Studio: A History by Shelley Frome -

Henry Hathaway: A Director's Guild Of America Oral History, by Rudy Behlmer, Polly Platt

John Huston: Interviews, ed. Robert Emmet Long

A Method to their Madness: A History Of The Actor's Studio by Foster Hirsch

The Other Chekhov: A Biography Of Michael Chekhov, by Charles Marowitz

The Red And Black List by Norma Barzman - a screenwriter during the Hollywood 10 era. Apparently, this includes a story of an encounter with the young MM.

Strasberg At The Actor's Studio: Tape-Recorded Sessions, by Lee Strasberg, Robert H Hethmon (paperback)

Vanity Will Get You Somewhere: An Autobiography, by Joseph Cotten

If only I had the money, there are too many interesting books! w00t.gif

A few years ago, I read The Director's Cut by Roy Ward Baker, which includes a chapter on DBTK.

You're right, it's the Cusack papers that Dark Side Of Camelot is based on.

btw What is the James Bacon book like? I find it rather irritating that he pops up in every MM documentary, claiming to have witnessed every major moment of her life rolleyes1.gif

Lauren Bacall has just reissued her book as By Myself ...And Then Some, there is extra material but whether there is anything new on Marilyn, I don't know.

I've just ordered an Arthur Miller bio from my library, so I'll add to this post if I find anything of interest.

All the best, Tara
I'm very interested in the Jane Russell's biography My Path and My Detour but i think that not is available in spanish, unsure.gif
Yes I'd like to read that one too. In fact, you just inspired me to reserve a copy from my library so I'll tell you what it's like! I don't know if there is a Spanish version though.
a book that i would recommand is THE GIRL WITH THE MILLION DOLLAR LEGS.
It's a biography of betty grable and there are some chapters where betty tels about her friendship with marilyn.
Thanks for the tip Marilyn, sounds good.
In James Bacons book "Hollywood is a four letter town"he writes about his 3 month affair with Marilyn. The third time they met was at a party and he offered to drive her home. She told him she now lived in a guesthouse at 70-year old Fox boss Joe Schencks house where she was offering her "services" to him. She invited James in to the guesthouse and they drank champagne. Just as she was undressing for him there was a knock on the door.A butler said Mr Schenck wanted her to go to his bedroom. MArilyn slowly got dressed and slowly applied makeup. She left only to return 5 minutes later. Apparently Mr Schenck couldn't maintain his erection. Upon returning James asked her "How come you took so long getting ready" Her Reply "I wouldn't want you going in on a wet deck." The affair continued even while she was Dating Johnny Hyde. After three months it ended but they occasionally had casual sex. She one told him that he was "well endowed"
It's possible that Marilyn may have had a brief affair with James Bacon during her early days, but I'm sure he exaggerates a lot. I also think it is really indiscreet to talk about her private life in this way. What kind of friend does that? As for him being 'well-endowed' - yeah right! Just another bloated male ego if you ask me. angry.gif
Joan Newman
I just got a scanner and have been trying for days to get this thru. I got the book from the library. I can't figure out how to make the scans any smaller. ??? It's only one chapter of the book so I thought this was a good place to post it. I was bawling thru the whole end part after her death.

Crowning Glory by Sydney Guilaroff

I have 2 questions if you guys can help?

1- I was always under the impression that Marilyn was buried in a wig from The Misfits. I think we discussed this before? But in this article Sydney states it was a wig from Something's Got To Give.
2- I have this photo of him and Whitey doing her hair and makeup in my Let's Make Love folder. Sydney states it was during The Misfits by Bryson.
Joan Newman
Joan Newman
Joan Newman
Let me know if I should work on making these smaller for less waste in space.
Thanks for all those scans! I love the Some Like It Hot test shots clapping.gif
Thanks so much Nettie! I love the photo's from SLIH, your such a darl biggrin.gif.
Joan Newman
Hey Nettie,

I tried to improve and enlarge these photo's you scanned, I hope you enjoy them!

Robby biggrin.gif.
Joan Newman
clapping.gif jumpymm.gif jumpymm.gif

Beautiful. I substituted yours for mine. Many thanks Robby.
Joan Newman
That's Amore
Dean martin
by Ricci Martin
Joan Newman
My Life by Debbie Reynolds
Joan Newman
Ann Margarett
My Story
QUOTE(Nettie @ Sep 22 2006, 12:09 AM) [snapback]115604[/snapback]
clapping.gif jumpymm.gif jumpymm.gif

Beautiful. I substituted yours for mine. Many thanks Robby.

Thanks so much Nettie, biggrin.gif.

Love the new scans, your too generous.
Joan Newman
Maria Callas
An Intimate Biography
by Anne Edwards
Joan Newman
Mel Torme
It Wasn't All Velvet

I love this one.
Joan Newman
Playing The Field
by Mamie Van Doren

I wonder if Marilyn was really there at the Russian Tea Room drinking as Mamie says?
clapping.gif Thank you, Nettie! Thank you everyone, wonderful! Keep them coming :-) marilynbybrandon_190.gif
Joan Newman
Thanks Meikkuli. I enjoyed sending the scans. I would love to do more.
Thanks Nettie for your wonderful scans. I haven't read them all yet but look forward to it. Here are some pages from 'An Open Book' by John Huston.

And here are some excerpts from 'Jane Russell: My Path And My Detour'.

PS My posts have been merged and I don't know how to seperate them, so in case of any confusion I'll state here that the first five scans are from Huston's book, and the rest are from Russell's. blush.gif
Joan Newman
Wonderful Tara. clapping.gif What great reading. Especially the Jane Russell one. How sad at the end that she didn't have her phone number.

Shelly Winters
also known as Shirley
Joan Newman
Shelly II
The Middle of my Century
Joan Newman
Shelly II
The Middle of my Century
Great reading material Nettie mf_w00t1.gif ! Thanks so much clapping.gif !
Joan Newman
You are very welcome Suus.

She Made Friends And Kept Them
by Fleur Cowles

Two of the scans are of Marilyn and the author of this book taken from Milton's Marilyn.
Thanks so much Nettie and Tara!
I'm especially happy for those Jane Russell scans - I've been wanting to read her autobiography but it's not available here, at least not in any libraries I've checked.
Joan Newman
Dean & Me
Jerry Lewis
Joan Newman
Robert Mitchum
Baby I Don't Care

Good story regarding The Wrong Door Raid with Sinatra and DiMaggio
Joan Newman
Carroll Baker
Baby Doll
An Autobiography

It mentions that NY fur Co. lent Marilyn furs for special occasions like the Baby Doll Party.
Interesting meeting at the Actor's Stdio, Marilyn being the center of everyone's attention, including Carroll's husband, Jack Garfein, founder of the Actor’s Studio West Coast.
Hi Nettie, I bought the Carroll Baker bio in a sale as a teenager, and read it many times - mainly because of Marilyn. So thanks for bringing it all back to me. The work you're doing here is a treasure.

I remember one part when Carroll met Marilyn and Pat Newcomb in a restaurant, not long before Marilyn died. Carroll encouraged her to quit Hollywood and go to Europe, but Marilyn seemed deeply depressed that day.

I guess Carroll was not the only (blonde) actress to be jealous of Marilyn - and she just didn't have MM's charisma. But she did get to play two roles that Marilyn wanted - Baby Doll, a success, and Harlow, a flop.
Joan Newman
bye1.gif It's too bad Marilyn didn't take Carroll's advice and gotten out of there. Thanks Tara.

Maureen Stapleton
A Hell Of A Life

She performed the famous scene from Anna Christie with Marilyn at the Actors Studio. She comments about the so-called affair with Bobby Kennedy and of the alledged abortion of Jacks baby. I love this lady. I found this small photo of Maureen as an usherette at the East of Eden premiere. If you blow it up you can see how she looked when she knew Marilyn.
Joan Newman
Gregory Peck
A Charmed Life

I didn't know he was the first casted for Let's Make Love
Joan Newman
Hot Times
by Earl Wilson

Talks about the famous photos of Marilyn and Gina Lolobrigida during Itch.

I had seen the pictures of Marilyn holding a huge camera taking a photo of Earl Wilson laying in a bed. In the book he says the camera was a gift to her from Joe. ? There's also more on her England press conference, but it's the same old stuff. I won't post those.
Here she is with Walter Winchell from the book.
I had never seen that photo before mf_w00t1.gif ! Wonderful clapping.gif !
Joan Newman
From 'The Kennedy Women: The Triumph and Tragedy Of America's First Family', by Lawrence Leamer
From 'George Raft' by Lewis Yablonsky
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