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I hope someone can help me about the pharmacy bill (I attch. a copy). When you look at the last date 8-3-62 you can read the following:

8-3-62 Purchase Order # 12905 - 6,05

In the Report of Chemical Analysis (I attch. it too) you'll see on point (4) Empty Container, # 20858, 8-3-62, Nembutal and under point (7) 32 pink capsules... # 20857.

And here is my question:

What kind of # is this #12905 on the pharmacy bill and # 20858 and # 20858 on the list of the Report of Analysis? I thought that the prescription # 12905 on the pharmacy bill must be same as on the bottle of the pills or am I wrong? Can someone help me!?

I'm sorry for the huge files of the Bill and Report I hadn't them smaller...

OMG, i completely overlooked that...

thanks Nina..

back to the drawing board for me....

sorry, didn't answer your question...I don't know, but I think you're right.
I know that it's possible that Marilyn just bought the pills in another pharmacy as the Vicente Pharmacy... then it would make sense that the nummers are not the same... but I just wanted to know if the nummers in general must be the same on the bill and the bottles.

So if she didn't bought them in the Vicente Pharmacy, she must bought them somewhere else... and I'm searching for that bill!!!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts anyway, Celina hug.gif
That's a good question Nina! Do you want me to ask it on the FM's Death Discussion group? I'm pretty sure someone will know about that!
yes, I would much appreciate that hug.gif

P.S. Can I join this group?
Sure! The group is located here. I think you need to be a member of Forever Marilyn in order to be able to subscribe to the DD group though. Here's the link to Forever Marilyn.


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