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Full Version: Posting... Again
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Well I probably confused Val and Mels, but I posted in here before about needing help... but it was moved. Then it was closed. I posted it in here originally because I had planned on submitting pictures to get help with. So here are the ones I need the photographer/date/event... any info you can give.

... there are more, but lets start with these.
Amber Nichols
I'd like to know to!!! huh.gif
Hi Craig,

ok, I don't have all answers but this is what I know -

#1 - from 1947, it's around the time when she made Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! The serie is used on mags to promote the movie.

#2 - is a photo from 1952; we've talked about that before not long ago at ES; so far nobody has more information about it.

#3 - a serie taken by Gene Kornman in 1952.

#4 - I have no idea; could be Laszlo Willinger or Earl Theisen, early 50's I would say.

#5 - by Gene Kornman, 1952

#6 - I believe that must be a shot around filming Monkey Business; it looks like she's wearing the black swimsuit.

#7 - is a publicity photo from 1951, I have no idea, who made it.

Hope that helps you out a little bit wink3.gif
Good job, Nina!
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