You want to buy a Marilyn Monroe book with lots of pictures and/or information but you don't know, which one? This is a little guide to help you in finding the right one. It's a list based on the favourites of our members. This is no complete guide and last but not least you have to chose by yourself, which one you'll buy but we hope this will give you an idea of what you'll get for your money wink3.gif

Some books are double named in some categories and they appear in absolute no order and don't forget everyone has his own taste. If you have read a book, please share your thoughts with us. We're glad for every feedback about what you're thinking about a special book.

I will add the read member comments if there's a thread about that book. And last but not least, please do not double post, if you don't know if a thread already exist, just give the search at the top of the site a try wink3.gif Thank You and enjoy biggrin.gif

Books with only (Marilyn) art inside
Marilyn in Art by Roger G. Taylor
Marilyn by Thomas Levy (Exhibit Catalog of "Life of a Legend", London 2003)
Marilyn, Je T`aime by Jacky Goupil (french)
Marilyn Super-Star der 50'er Jahre (german) with Illustrations by Pepe Gonzalez

written by Autors like Mailer etc.
Marilyn Monroe, Of Women and their Elegance by Norman Mailer
My Story by Marilyn Monroe (is co/written)
Marilyn, by Norman Mailer read member comments

Marilyn Monroe by Donald Spoto
Marilyn Monroe by Maurice Zolotow
Norma Jean by Fred Lawrence Guiles
Marilyn Monroe by Barbara Leaming

Death - Theorie Books
Marilyn Monroe by Anthony Summers read member comments
The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe by Donald H. Wolfe
The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe by Donald H. Wolfe
The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe by Frank A. Capell
Victim, The Secret Tapes of Marilyn Monroe by Matthew Smith
The Men Who Murdered Marilyn by Matthew Smith
Marilyn Monroe, The FBI-Files by Tim Coates
The Marilyn Conspiracy by Milo Speriglio
Marilyn, The Last Take by Peter Brown, Patte Barham

These are written by Fans of hers
Hometown Girl by Eric Monroe Woodard read member comments
Marilyn Monroe, 3-D by Frederic Cabanas
The 30 Faces of Marilyn Monroe by Frederic Cabanas
Cursum Perficio, MM's Brentwood Hacienda by Gary Vitacco-Robles
Marilyn by Moonlight by Jack Allen

Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates read member comments
Queen of Desire by Sam Toperoff

These books are written from friends who knew her
My Sister Marilyn by Berniece Baker Miracle (half sister of Marilyn)
Marilyn, An Untold Story by Norman Rosten
Marilyn and Me by Susan Strasberg

Information from A to Z
Marilyn Monroe Encyclopedia by Adam Victor read member comments
The Unabridged Marilyn by Randall Riese & Neal Hitchens
The Ultimate Marilyn by Ernest Cunningham
Marilyn, her life & legend by Susann Doll

These books have interviews inside (or interviews about her)
Conversations with Marilyn by W.J. Weatherby
Will acting spoil Marilyn Monroe by Pete Martin read member comments

Marilyn on covers worldwide
MM, Cover to Cover by Clark Kidder
MM, Cover to Cover (2nd edition with some new covers) by Clark Kidder

other people, who met her
Marilyn, A Composite View by Edward Wagenknecht read member comments

diverse books with misc. stuff about her...
The Some Like It Hot Cookbook by Sarah Key (good cocktails inside wink3.gif)
Marilyn Monroe Paperdolls by Tom Tierney

Everything about her movies
Billy Wilder's Some Like It Hot, Taschen (huge book,)
The Niagara Portraits by Jock Carroll
The Misfits by Arthur Miller, Serge Toubiana
Blonde Heat, The Sizzling Screen Career of Marilyn Monroe by Richard Buskin read member comments
The Films of Marilyn Monroe by Richard Buskin
Marilyn at Twentieth Century Fox by Lawrence Crown

Monroe by James Spada
Marilyn and the Camera, Schirmer/Mosel read member comments
Marilyn by Moonlight by Jack Allen
The Marilyn Album by Nicki Guiles
Marilyn Monroe, Photographien 1945-1962, Schirmer/Mosel read member comments
Marilyn Monroe by Kobal
Marilyn, a never ending dream by Guus Luijters

Marilyn, An Appreciation by Eve Arnold (photos inside but not to much)
Marilyn by George Barris (photos from 1962)
Marilyn Mon Amour by André de Dienes (photos from 1945 to 1953)
Marilyn by André de Dienes (photos from 1945 to 1953) read member comments
Marilyn in New York by Ed Feingersh (photos from 1955)
Milton's Marilyn by Milton H. Greene read member comments
Young Marilyn (Becoming the Legend) by James Haspiel
Marilyn, The Ultimate Look at the Legend by James Haspiel
The Unpublished Marilyn by James Haspiel
The Birth of Marilyn by Joseph Jasgur
Marilyn Among Friends by Sam Shaw, Norman Rosten
The Joy of Marilyn by Sam Shaw
Marilyn, The New York Years by Sam Shaw read member comments
The (Complete) Last Sitting by Bert Stern (photos from 1962)

Quotes from and about her
Marilyn on Marilyn by Roger Taylor
Quote/Unquote by Janice Anderson

These are rare finds; if you don't know, how much to buy for it, please feel free to post for help in The Book Club forum. We're sure there will be someone to help you out wink3.gif
Marilyn Monroe, The Life The Myth published by Rizzoli
Marilyn, A Hollywood Farewell by Leigh Wiener (funeral photos)
The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe by Frank A. Capell

These books are very great treasures, very touching and worth each penny wink3.gif
Marilyn, An Untold Story by Norman Rosten
Marilyn, Christies Auction Catalog read member comments

Worst or mysterious books
We can't really recommend these but however... we had to read them too, to find out about that wink3.gif
Norma Jean, My Secret Life with Marilyn Monroe by Ted Jordan
Marilyn, the last 24 hours by Allan Silverman
Marilyn, the last month by Eunice Murray, her last housekeeper
Marilyn's Men by Jane Ellen Wayne
The Murderer of Marilyn Monroe by Leonore Canevari
All books by Robert Slatzer (you have to make your own opinion about that guy)
Marilyn Monroe Confidential by Lena Pepitone

[Basic Package (Top Ten in no order) to start learing about the life and myth of Marilyn]
thumbup1.gif Marilyn Monroe, the Biography by Donald Spoto
thumbup1.gif The Marilyn Encylopedia by Victor Adams
thumbup1.gif My Sister Marilyn by Berniece Baker Miracle
thumbup1.gif Marilyn, An Untold Story by Norman Rosten
thumbup1.gif All books by James Haspiel
thumbup1.gif Christies Auction Catalag
thumbup1.gif Milton's Marilyn
thumbup1.gif The Sizzling Screen Career of MM by Richard Buskin
thumbup1.gif Conversations with Marilyn by W.J. Weatherby
thumbup1.gif The Ultimate Marilyn by Ernest W. Cunningham