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Full Version: Was Bobby Kennedy There?
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Simply, no.
Let me make this short and sweet....ALL 'eyewitnesses' (and i use this term loosely) that claim to have seen Robnert kennedy in L.A. on the day Marilyn died are really no eyewitnesses at's overwhelmingly hear-say and what i call "mystery sources" reporting this.
But nobody can say " yes, i saw Bobby with my own two eyes"....esxept Lawford Neighbor Ward Wood, whom i do not find very believable.
He could have the days confused that he saw Robert kennedy who was a guest at the Lawford's house on more than one occasion.
last but not least...personally, i do not think that Bobby kennedy took marilyn serious as a person...serious enough to interupt his vacation with friends and family to tend to a hysterical, boozy pain-in-the-butt movie star...a simple phonecall would have been enough.
Anyways, marilyn was already cut off cold from the kennedys so there really was no reason to deal with her at all.....
But what if she was threatening to call a press conference to tell the world about her affair?
You have to remember that marilyn would have to admit to being a 'homewrecker' well would this make HER look??
Not to mention that recent puplicity had been less than flattering....her firing, the drugs, the drama.....just more of them same???
In my book Robert kennedy was not there at marilyn's house that day....

I'm not too sure on Bobby Kennedy...

part of me thinks 'he could've been because of the witnesses and the evidence of helicopters etc.' but part of me says just like you, why bother? a simple phone call, a couple of lies and he could've calmed Marilyn down, like all the times before.

I just think it's too much. I think people who believe the murder theory read too much into an unreliable source. I mean there really is not evidence to support such a claim.

But, he did have the connections to cover up a simple trip to LA....
I do not believe that Bobby Kennedy or his doctor killed Marilyn. But, I do believe that she was murdered. However, I watched "Marilyn:Say Goodbye To the President"again recently and Marilyn's neighbours were admanant that Bobby WAS at Marilyn's house in the afternoon of the day she died.

I heard that too...

I mean it's not like he has a face like everyone else, he was one ugly dude... I wouldn't forget his face, especially if he was Attorney General!!!

Lol! Exactly. Beats me how people can say how good looking the Kennedys were. I can't see it at all. Marilyn was attracted to intelligence and knowledge though so I expect they were very attractive to her.
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