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Full Version: [Solved]The Pearls
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Does anyone know the full story, with all the details, of how
Marilyn received the pearl necklace?
I know it was a gift from the Emperor of Japan.
But When, Where, Why, etc.?!
All I know comes from this Gene London Exibition-booklet I have. I says Marilyn recieved her pearls during her honeymoon in Japan but there is no refference to it being a gift from the Emperor though...

hug.gif Suusmarie
Thanks so much Suusmarie marilynbybrandon_190.gif + cheekkiss.gif for sharing these great pics with the info!
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Joan Newman
Donald Spoto's Marilyn Monroe The Biography
Page 394 says:

" At Christmas 1957, Marilyn was as usual generous to a fault, spending a good portion of her savings on others. Arthur received a new set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Susan Strasberg unwrapped a Chagall sketch. There were books and records for Lee, and to Paula she gave a pearl necklace with a diamond clasp, a gift from the Emperor of Japan in 1954 during her honeymoon with Joe. "She knows how much I love those pearls," said Paula, moved to tears. "Look, she gave them to me." Most extravagant of all was her gift to John Strasberg, then eighteen and, Marilyn felt, an unhappy, often ignored outsider to his own family. To him she calmly signed over the ownership of her Thunderbird, knowing he longed for but could not afford a car. "
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"In her will, Paula left everything to “Lee and the children,” but one of Lee’s lawyers asked Susan and Johnny to let their father have whatever money and valuables made up the estate. Lee needed the money; he was broke. So Susan and Johnny signed over everything, although Susan did take Marilyn Monroe’s necklace of vintage pearls, since her mother had specifically left them to her. Susan had been very fond of Marilyn. “Marilyn’s pearls,” she’d say when she wore them, grinning impishly."

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Joan Newman
mf_w00t1.gif Is Susie wearing Marilyn's pearls here? Really ?
QUOTE(Joan Newman @ Mar 2 2014, 12:45 PM) *
mf_w00t1.gif Is Susie wearing Marilyn's pearls here? Really ?

I believe she is Joan ... biggrin.gif

"I wear these pearls whenever I need confidence or strength," she told The Toronto Star in 1992. "I can feel Marilyn's and Mother's energy, and I can know they are with me." - Susan Strasberg
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