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Full Version: Autopsy Report Questions
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Thanks for posting the autopsy report Val. Im sure it will come in handy while debating all the different theories regarding her death.

Now I have a question, they say that no residue of the pills is found. Is that normal (like they were completely absorbed into her system) or is this what they called the "proof" that the substance that killed Marilyn was in fact injected into her.
This thread was split after it was posted in the "files and facts forum", as an answer to the autopsy report.

Please note that "files & facts" is made to post ONLY files and known facts about Marilyn's death. Discussions must be posted in the other forums smile1.gif
To answer Paula's question: from what I understand, it wasn't normal that no residue of pills was found. I'm not good with this stuff (medical questions and everything), but I understand that there should have been some residue of the pills left. I don't know if this was much help...
To make things simple, whenever you absorb something, it is treated by your stomach, intestines, etc.
When they examed Marilyn, they found now pill residue, which could mean several things:

1. The pills where never swallowed, so they couldn't be in her system
2. She swallowed them all in a very short amount of time, so by the time she died the pills hadn't arrived to her digestive system yet. If she had swallowed them one by one, with the amount of pills people say she swallowed, the first ingested pills would have already been in her stomach. Which wasn't the case.

This is one of the autopsy points that is very very controversed because it's hard to imagine how she could have ingested so many pills in the space of a minute, without water, too boot...

I hope this helps?
It does help, thank you! It was the first information that caught my eye on the autopsy.

If anyone else is a doctor or has info on this and wants to answer the question too, please do. I think its an interesting debate.

Thanks for providing a place for us to discuss this Mels!
No problem Paula, i think it was lacking from the boards and that such discussions can be VERY interesting... I do think we can learn a LOT from them, and not just on Marilyn wink3.gif
I watched a documentary on Marilyn's death on Discovery Channel a while ago. They did a test in the laboratory with the same amount of pills etc, simulating as it was the content of a stomach. The result was that no pills or what so ever were left in the stomach.
Forgive me, I have to watch it again to tell all the detailed information.
I was shocked, because I always understood this was one of the main misteries.............

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