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Full Version: ITS TIME FOR TRIVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post your answers and those who get all of them right gets the ES SEAL OF APPROVAL (*seal of approval is completely made up by me LoL.... but answer anyways!)

1. Which MM character had these lines, "SO I wasn't addresed. Big Deal. Theseus? Who the hell's Theseus anyway?"
2. What brand of facial moisturizer did Marilyn use?
3. Which actor refused to continue work when Marilyn was fired from the set of *Something's Got To Give*?
4. On the set of River Of No Return, which actor was the only one allowed in Marilyn's trailer?
5. Tinkerbell from the Disney movie, Peter Pan was modelled after Marilyn. TRUE OR FALSE?
6. What was Marilyn's "heaviest" weight?
7. Marilyn liked to cook which 2 Yiddish dishes for Arthur Miller?
8. What children's book did Marilyn read to calm her nerves before singing "Happy Birthday" to JFK?
Nice quizz! I don't know all the answers, though... shy.gif

1. Miss Caswell in "All about Eve"??
2. Nivea?
3. Dean Martin :refreshing:
4. the little boy Rettig maybe?
5. FALSE...? :zz?:
6. 140 lbs during Let's Make Love
7. borsch-soup, chicken-soup?
8. "The little engine that could" or something like that...
oooooh so close Norma! just the first one is wrong......... but good job clapping.gif
Well, 7/8 then, not bad... but I still need to study! laughing.gif
ohhh but thats amazing! as I had to look up question #7 when I first put that in clapping.gif
7/8 is really amazing! biggrin.gif clapping.gif I would have known only 4 answers for sure... rolleyes1.gif
Well, I knew the food trivia just because I love cooking myself! And love borsch- soup! drool.gif
The answer to the first one is Marilyn's character in "...Showgirl"..Elsie Marina!
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