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Full Version: Find the real Marilyn
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This is pathetically easy, but of the Marilyns is real, the rest are impersonators. Guess which one.
That was easy, but it's nice that they have put a not-so-Marilyn pic there... I mean one of her in her gold lamé dress or The pic from SYI, and it would have been even easier smile1.gif
ok is it just me but none of those even came close
hey !! lisa
that site is from that TV show on the discovery channel that was on recently

did you watch it?
Ok now except for Our lovely Suzy Kennedy. Why do alot of those Marilyn impersonators look so cheesy?? That's why to this day Suzy amazes me with the way she look's like Marilyn she adds A little something to it. :bathingsuit: Those ladies in that quiz just didn't look right to me. :ugh:
LoL aww that was great Lisa!! biggrin.gif you know I had to do a double take when I saw Dixie Evans though winkiss.gif
that was really easy but also very tricky I was trying to choose from two, the real one and the one of Dixie Evans...I think the others were way off from being Marilyn Monroe though!
I found that really easy (Dixie Evans looked familiar, but I knew which was Marilyn because I know that picture). I think it's good to pick a lesser known photo because then more people are challenged (although not us smile1.gif )

I was surprised that Suzie Kennedy and Pauline Bailey weren't in there though. They would be more challenging. But that robot...imagine having a robot you!!!
hahahaha, it´s very easy for her fans
easy peasy some like it hot marilyn is real!!!
Okay I'm nit picking here but the picture that the quiz says is REALLY Marilyn isn't COMPLETELY Marilyn. According to my special edition SLIH dvd features, they used the body of Sandra Warner (who played Emily in the film) for all the promotional pictures for the film and they just superimposed Marilyn's face, my dvd shows that ukulele pic and it is Sandra Warner's body. Marilyn was quite heavily pregnant at the time so that's why they did this. XX
Zelda Zonk
laugh.gif Well, you are right, Rachel. But it's not a fact known to many, not including most members on ES, though. biggrin.gif
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