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Full Version: Marilyn Monroe's Home || Sims 4
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Joan Newman
Posted byu/kissmybunniebutt

Spent hours staring at slightly differing floor plans having a mild existential crisis. But I made it in the end, using my powers of deductive reasoning and "screw this" attitude.

Here's a speedbuild of it if you wanna learn a little about Marilyn and how mildly insane I am.

I hope I did you justice, Marilyn. You're my girl, girl.

Hope you like it smile1.gif

How I wish we had curved pools

PS Nettie says:
Her Speedbuild is super interesting. You get to see all the interior details and the beautifully done landscaping with the palm trees and tons of plants.
She should have come to ES Brentwood thread for more ideas and images yes.gif
Bless your heart! You spent a lot of time and thought on this. Interesting!
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