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Full Version: Marilyn Lost And Forgotten: Images From Hollywood Photo Archive By Colin Slater
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Hi all,

A new book to be published in March 2018-hardback with 160 pages according to and the Book Depository

Marilyn Lost and Forgotten: Images from Hollywood Photo Archive

From the beginning of her modeling career in 1944 as Norma Jeane Mortensen to her death as the voluptuous Hollywood icon in 1962, Marilyn Monroe posed for thousands of modeling and publicity photos, scores of which have long been forgotten or abandoned in neglected studio archives. This book collects 100 of the rarest of the rare, seldom previously seen images of her brief modeling career, early days on the 20th Century Fox lot, then in candids between scene takes and traveling as a public figure as the wife of Arthur Miller and Joe DiMaggio. For the Monroe fans who think that they have seen it all, this book will provide a new lens on a beloved American icon.

I hope that it will truly contain unseen images and I look forward to it! smile1.gif

We fans here have seen the rarest of the rare photos of NJ's early stuff. Don't know what they have that we haven't seen.
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QUOTE(meganmarilyn @ Sep 18 2017, 03:15 PM) *
We fans here have seen the rarest of the rare photos of NJ's early stuff. Don't know what they have that we haven't seen.

Yes that's true but you never know! I bet there are still photos that have not been seen or published. Let's hope for the best.
...and a rare photo printed full page in good quality is better than a low res image on the internet.
almost every book i have overlaps ... new images, ones i've seen already, rarely matters, can't help myself. i think they know this of me :-)

Thanks for the heads-up. clapping.gif
(hi all,,,, been a while... was seduced by all the pretty facebook pictures ... missed this place... and Tara keeps 'draggin' me back in'
i'll try to no write too often ...)

Good thoughts are all i want to hold ...

I think one reason why these "never before seen photos"-books are published new ones and new ones, is the reason that years fly, and there'll be always a new generation of people who fall in love with Marilyn or get interested of her - and many of them haven't seen all the books already published. Many of them are actually difficult to obtain.
So there's always some demand for new books when the old ones arent in the book shops available so easily, and the bigger bookshops and also internet bookshops always firstly show the latest publications.

What is typical for the publications of Marilyn usually is that they mostly contain something scandalous, something of her that "hasn't yet been revealed" or - very rare, unseen photographs.

Naturally 90 % of these photos have been seen by true fans. But the new fans - always a new wave of them every 7th or 10th year at least - haven't seen them.
And they pay for those books.

And some of them are of good quality.
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