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Full Version: Does Anyone Have The Full Version Of This?
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JC 96816
marilynbybrandon_190.gif I've seen this picture many times, always cropped - I found this particular one in big pictures 2 here...

Who is the other person in it?

I am not sure it is cropped, maybe it was shot that way. Have no idea who the lady is. Probably a journalist, as this photo was taken at MMs suite in the Sherry Netherlands Hotel during the Monkey Business promotion tour coolio.gif

Two other photos from the same day, which could be framed that way, not cropped. I think MM was the main focus of the photographers interest, and who can blame them, lol...
JC 96816
marilynbybrandon_190.gif Thanks Suus, The two others you posted I don't think I have.

The photo in question is odd to me. I can see why MM would be the main focus but it's odd that this journalist or who ever it is didn't want a photo with herself and MM. It would be great to find out who was in that photo.

I am still checking out the Miscellaneous Pictures thread...a long way to go yet. I am on page 12 of 20...

UPDATE 06/23/16 - I believe I've found the reporter's name - Phyllis Battelle and here's the clipping which I saved from picture investigations page 8 going in order from z-a on the board

I couldn't find any info on her other than she is an American journalist who was born in 1922 (Brainy

She guested on the Jack Parr show in 1959 Season 2 Episode 207. (IMDB)
also found one and only one picture of her on tumblr taken in 1965 with Julie Andrews.

We can assume she is still living as no death date is shown on these two websites.

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