Marilyn:A Great Woman's Struggles: Who Killed Her and Why. The Psychiatric Biography
by Gordon D. Jensen
Publication Date: July 30, 2012

" She had the courage to overcome the most devastating odds of emotional deprivation and traumas of early life a woman can suffer. She had the drive to become a movie star, and had persistence to succeed. "

Tara Hanks' rating and full review here:

" Gordon D. Jensen is a professor of psychiatry. He writes that he attended high school in LA alongside the young Norma Jeane Baker, admiring her from afar.

I found Jensen's observations about Marilyn's personality interesting, and more persuasive than other writers who have, rather dramatically, depicted her as borderline schizophrenic.

Jensen argues that MM suffered from mental illness partly inherited from her mother, and partly due to childhood trauma. However he also emphasizes how remarkable it was that Marilyn managed to succeed so brilliantly in life for so long, despite many setbacks. This, he contends, is what made Monroe a truly 'great woman' and not just another silver screen beauty.

This is an interesting read, ideal for Kindle, and most suitable for die-hard MM fans with an interest in psychology. "

I had never seen this book before. I am loving it though.