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Full Version: 1987 Documentary Narrated By Catherine Deneuve
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A must for all Marilyn lovers - an insight by another fine actress and Marilyn fan: Catherine Deneuve. I always liked this lady - now I like her even more. Watch it to the end - it's great.
Joan Newman
What a beautiful documentary. I knew she was a fan. throb.gif jumpymm.gif mf_w00t1.gif
I can "feel" Catherine Deneuve"s pain all through this documentary.

Like she herself, felt Marilyn's pain through it all.

Did you notice how often Marilyn chuckled, laughed through the whole documentary ? Even after she had said some really sad things. I found that interesting.

Here are some parts from the documentary that I liked:

Marilyn: "Trying to be happy is almost as difficult as trying to be a good actress. You have to work at both of them. "

Deneuve : She did call certain men her father as if she wanted to reassure herself that she was like everyone else.

Deneuve: There is something physical between her and the public. Whenever she makes an appearance for a publicity shot or the premier there's an electricity an excitement there, but after it's over she must feel... the let down must be terrible.

Marilyn: " If I'm general anything, I guess I'm generally miserable (laughs). Sometimes I feel a doom set over me just as I'm walking on the stage, just like a doom sets on me. I don't know why, but I get over it, sometimes, sometimes it lasts all day (laughs).

Deneuve: Marilyn is the most beautiful image I have ever seen on the screen.

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Catherine Deneuve: " I have an admiration for Marilyn Monroe that—no, it’s more than admiration. I have a love for that woman. "
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