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Full Version: The Unabridged Marilyn
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JC 96816
marilynbybrandon_190.gif I found the soft cover edition of this 1988 book. It is a used copy which is better than no copy.
I wonder if anyone has it and if it's different from the hard cover version. My copy arrives tomorrow.

The book is great but not many new pix, I think only the ones by Leo Caiola are new to me...and maybe one other.
Considering what I paid for it, it's an awesome find. I really like the soft cover books and also the "dedicated" magazines.
I have the soft cover of this, bought -89. In my opinion many pictures in it are rare and interesting - the text is a bit outdated but there are many interesting parts in this book from A to Z. It's quite sympathetic soft cover book, quite large and thick, too.
JC 96816
marilynbybrandon_190.gif Hi Margherita,
I think this book is great but it would be better with more info on the photographers and photo shoot dates.
The soft cover books are the best in my opinion. I hope to add more to my library soon.

Added scans of 4 pix I modified plus the one's that are new to me.
I labeled them by page number.
Yes, the book was published -87; in general I like it's atmosphere although there are some opinions that are somewhat tasteless,IMO - like in one chapter some of the writers of this book says: "In 1986 (or 7) Madonna became Marilyn.
Referring to Madonna's MM-style period.

Well, in my opinion Madonna certainly did not become Marilyn nor was her outlooks even close. But during the publication of this book Madonna was trendy and so.


The book contains a lot of interesting low key information also of Marilyn's life. Of course for somebody who has read a lot of her, maybe nothing dramatically new,but small details anyhow. I might read the book again someday. It is quite interesting.

And really lovely and unique pictures.
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