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Full Version: An Actress Prepares: Women And "the Method"
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Joan Newman

An Actress Prepares: Women and "the Method"
By Rosemary Malague

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Pg 66
When Paula worked with Marilyn on Bus Stop, Strasberg asked that his wife receive a fee of $1,500 per week for her services as acting coach. According to Spoto, Strasberg said of the actress- in her presence: "Marilyn is too emotionally weak to handle this sort of thing alone... She needs Paula." He was not only willingly to undermine Monroe's confidence, he used her dependency to secure a salary that was greater than any other member of the crew- and even more than most actors would receive.

Pg 67
Spoto says that for The Prince and the Showgirl, Strasberg would accept "nothing less than a guarantee of $24,000 for ten weeks work, plus expenses and double for overtime."

Irving Stein, (attorney for Marilyn Monroe Productions) wrote in a corporate memo regarding The Prince and the Showgirl:

Lee doesn't care that this money would really come from Marilyn's pocket... "He kept emphasizing Marilyn's emotional weakness- and then he said he would be willing to settle for a percentage off the picture."

Pg 70
During this period, Harold Clurman pointed out how Strasberg benefited from his arrangement with Monroe. Clurman writes: " How does it happen, then, that only in the past three or four years there has been such a rush and rash of publicity about the Method?" Marilyn Monroe brought attention to the Actors Studio and to Lee Strasberg. His association with her contributed to his renown.

And John Strasberg says of his own father, "his fame came through other people," Who was more famous than she ?
very intriguing. thanks
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