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Forewarning - UK TV Channel 5, Wednesday 13th May 9 - 10pm.

"Autopsy; The Last Hours of Marilyn Monroe
Forensic pathologist Dr. Richard Shepherd examines the events leading up to the death of the actress in 1962"

I wonder why this is being shown now, and, if it's a new programme, not held until the Anniversary.
It's just one of the series that runs on Channel 5 about famous people's autopsy reports and deaths. It sounds gruesome and exploitative but it is actually a very interesting programme and very well made. The series has always surprised me.

I have literally just watched this show about Marilyn and I actually thought it was really good and I do suspect, though of course we'll never 100% know, that it reveals how she died. Made me look at Dr Hyman Engleberg in a different light...

Someone has uploaded it on You Tube a couple of days ago. It is definitely worth a watch
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