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Full Version: For Heaven's Sake (1950)
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Check out this interesting tidbit...

(1951-01-20) The Nevada State Journal

Last fall, studio bosses needed a sexy still for a sequence in the picture, "For Heaven's Sake." Rummaging through the files, they found one perfectly tailored to their needs -- a picture of Marilyn Monroe. By the time they had finished appraising that suddenly important picture, Marilyn looked to them like a best bet. They recalled her, gave her a new contract, and immediately rushed her into a major supporting role in "All About Eve."


For Heaven's Sake is a 1950 fantasy film starring Clifton Webb as an angel trying to save the marriage of a couple played by Joan Bennett and Robert Cummings. It was adapted from the play 'May We Come In?' by Harry Segall.

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox
Release date: December 15, 1950
If this means what I think it means, they did the same thing in the move Riders of the Whistling Pines with Gene Autry. They used a still photo of Marilyn as a deceased character in that movie. I guess they used a photo of her in For Heaven's Sake also. I'd like to see it, but it's too expensive to buy just for that reason.
I've never even heard of this movie before, but I'm downloading it now and when/if I find the scene with Marilyn's photo, I'll make a screencap for you guys.

I'm downloading it from HERE, a torrent site called "I Love Classics", so if you're a member there, that's where you can get it. I've found a ton of rare classics there, but unfortunately, I Love Classics hasn't accepted new registrations in a few years.
Here it is.
Wow, thanxs Tony! HERE SHE IS!!!!

(only fitting that the movie is about an angel that comes to earth. We know who that TRUE angel was!)

Reading this article, can we understand than that photo was not taken to publicize All About Eve? what do you think?
It isnt' a "still," it is a picture from a magazine. Wonder if we could figure out which one it is?
It seems that this was a publicity photo from All About Eve. I think the article is a bit misleading as to the importance of it's appearance in this didn't cause Fox to hire her for All About Eve, as it was a publicity still from that movie. But, it did help create more interest in her, as if she needed help, to show her image in another movie, and free publicity for her and Fox.
Here is another article from the Toledo Blade, December 25, 1951.
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