Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country's Most Controversial Cover-Ups

Arguably, the best effort is spent on the Marilyn Monroe case, where the authors put their best sleuthing feet forward, as they scrounge exhaustively through available sources in the grand style of a Sherlock Holmes: collating their own logical extrapolations with inconsistencies in medical evidence and splicing direct testimonies as if cross-examining defense lawyers. In a very impressive way they come to the convincing conclusion that the most likely cause of Marilyn's death was by the mob in a vain effort to, at the very least, bring irrecoverable shame upon the Kennedy brothers -- if not bring them down altogether via a colossally embarrassing scandal. But lucky for the Kennedys, J. Edgar came to the rescue and the whole unseemly affair, except for a few loose ends, was carefully covered-up and made to go away.