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JC 96816
clapping.gif I had a discount at Amazon so I used it on MM Kindle books...

Marilyn & Me -- Lawrence Shiller {So far, it is good, I read one chapter}

MM Private & Confidential -- Michelle Morgan

MM Her Life In Pictures -- James Spada

MM: Fragments -- MM

Marilyn: Norma Jeane -- Gloria Steinem with Photos by George Barris

MM Photo Book {Japan Ed} -- this one has 40 pix -- don't get it, it's all repeats --
one pic, I do not think is MM

My other ones are: My Story; Marilyn In Fashion; Cover To Cover
I thought In Fashion & Cover To Cover could be way better. I do not recommend them.
Moved to Book Club. Re Marilyn in Fashion & Cover to Cover, I think these are great books but I'd say get a print copy. Picture books don't really work that well digitally, IMO, unless you have iPad I guess.
JC 96816
I like the Kindle books --

but these of MM are n-o-t worth the $$$ so far...
There are not enough photos, they are mostly not rare photos -- and for the most part the writing is poor and they are poorly constructed with incomplete information -- The information can easily be found elsewhere for free...
I hope the picture books are released in Kindle format soon. {Paper items do not keep well in our climate}.

Of this set above, I am disappointed with:

The MM Picture Book {Japan} -- all repeat pix

Fragments -- only the cover is good
the contents could've been made a chapter in any of the bios --

MM: Her Life In Pictures -- poor writing and not enough pix -- and not many rare ones

MM: A Photographer's Memories -- The text in this is good -- but not enough photos...

MM: Private & Confidential -- So far the read is very dull -- and I haven't seen many pictures --

I hope the Steinhem/Barris book is better -- I haven't looked at it yet.

I do have an Ipad3 and enjoy reading on that -- but do not think the IPad is all that...
The Ipad is ok for reading, listening to music, and games but that's about all it does...and you have to have apps for everything. It isn't worth the price...The Kindle was a better deal but it needs a better selection of apps. It also limits shopping to But that's ok because I mostly get things from there. I very rarely use ITunes and ebay.

I used to have lots and lots of books and tapes/records/vhs/cd/dvd...they were stolen -- So I've switched to electronic for everything. Not easy to enjoy your photos this way though.
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