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Full Version: Marilyn's Red Diary By E. Z. Friedel
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I was browsing and saw this new title, Marilyn's Red Diary by E. Z. Friedel.

Now, of course, it is fiction, and is in the fiction section and it states on the back that this is Friedel's second novel. We all know that Marilyn's diary was never found, if indeed she ever kept a diary, and there is little evidence to think she did. So I am dismayed to read the customer reviews of this book of people who think that this really is Marilyn's diary - written by her! I haven't read the book but I don't like the thought of people thinking that this piece of fiction is Marilyn's own private thoughts.

I'm not objecting to using MM as a starting point for fiction - it only goes to show how relevant she is, even now, and that her life and times are fertile ground for creative work - but come on!!! Perhaps the confusion stems from the title as well as from the blurb which says it is 'brutally honest'. The description says it has been optioned three times for NBC too - so there will be yet another piece in print and/or on screen just like Colin Clarke's second book and Joyce Carol Oates Blonde that will be taken as fact by those who don't realise.

Well, rant over. What do you think Marilyn fans?Does it make you mad too? Or do you think it doesn't matter?
I saw that too just recently. Your complaint is how I feel about Oate's Blonde. People read it and think, oh, well Marilyn had a threesome with Chaplin's son and some other guy (I forget his name or who he's supposed to be). It just reinforces the myths about her, which if repeated enough, are finally accepted as fact.

Part of me is hoping that Friedel has written the book out of respect for Marilyn and wanting to offer a different perspective on the whole thing. But who knows. It might just be another person trying to make a quick buck off of her...
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