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Full Version: The Secret Letters Of Mm & Jacqueline Kennedy
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JC 96816
I just finished reading the e-book of this one.

In the writer's mind -- MM & Jackie are 'friends' with secret desires to outwit one another.

I don't think MM would have written the things in these letters even in fiction.
Jackie is cold but then in the end feels guilty for advice she gave in a letter. The last two letters have both participants being honest with eachother. The end comes for one of them, and that's the end of the novel.

The end of the book is a series of books that the author used writing this novel. If she didn't spend so much time in reference books, she might have written a better novel.

There is no real plot -- nothing about what else is going on in the lives of the writers at the time -- except brief mentions of this movie or that movie -- this fundraiser or that campaign -- this marriage or that miscarriage.

The worst thing about this book is that the author used MM's image to sell her plotless trash and fill her bank account.

My advice is just to keep the cover for MM's picture and don't waste your time in it. If I knew the book was this bad, I wouldn't have read it. Glad it didn't cost me $$$.

I have 2 other e-books -- The Secret Life Of MM by Randy J. Tarraborrelli & MM: My Story Illustrated edition.
I'm saving 'My Story' for last.
Doesn't sound too good no.gif

But I'm sure you will like both of those books you have waiting. Taraborelli's book was a pleasant surprise for me and My Story is a classic in a way smile1.gif
JC 96816
marilynbybrandon_190.gif Thanks Paju,
So far, the Taraborrelli one is pretty good* -- I'm up to Part 3: MM trying to understand Gladys...
I'm have a list of a few Kindle books I want -- I like the ones with a lot of photos. The 'My Story' that I have is the illustrated version e-book. I'm saving it for last. I will probably get more later this month.
I love autobiographies and biographies.

*I didn't like that Marilyn is accused of making things up about her early life -- with the Bolenders and at the orphanage. Personally, I think the studio made up the stories. I don't think MM would've had the time or the interest to do so.
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