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Full Version: One To Avoid.
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I thought I should put this here as, while not about Marilyn, her name is mentioned in an unpleasant context, as is her Doctor, Jacobson.
Was JFK a meth addict? Outlandish claims that doctor's secret 'vitamin formula' given to President were in fact methamphetamine | Mail Online
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Amphetamine was regularly used in 1940s - 50s in various medicine, it was not considered dangerous, nor particularly addictive - My father worked all his life in a military hospital ( in my country) and I've also studied quite a lot of medications, chemistry and such - amateurishly, of course, of pure interest.

But JFK had very bad back problems - any calming or slightly euphorising medicine or "vitamin pills" might have risen the so called ability to tolerate pain - how addicted he was, difficult to say; if he needed the medication, so what's wrong being addicted with something one needs ? Like people with diabetes need their medication etc.

I didn't read the link - it's pity if MM is mentioned in a wrong light in it.
I'm actually reading about this in Marilyn: The Last Take. It's as Margherita says, in the 1950s, it wasn't considered dangerous to be taking amphetamines and other medications. There was a list of side effects, but everything in the long term wasn't documented because there was no research being conducted on it.

But according to The Last Take, Marilyn had to take these injections because of her illness on Something's Got To Give. She was out for 10-11 days and felt guilty for not being there, so when she got on set they injected her so that she could work. Cukor also had to take these shots because he was dieting (which supposedly consisted of extreme exercise, laxatives, and meager meals).

Evelyn Moriarty (Marilyn's body double) and Cyd Charisse confirm these claims. Moriarty says she asked Cukor for the shots and he told her that she "didn't need this dope." And Cyd Charisse said that she was taking the shots as well.

Exactly why should this book be avoided? Just because Marilyn took the shots?
My objection was to the general tone of the article about the book and the unpleasant context in which her name is mentioned.

No-one disputes that Marilyn took these medications, but the facts behind her use of them have been so often misused or distorted to gain a cheap snigger at her expense.

I think that's a matter of perspective since they're saying a lot of things about Dr. Feelgood and his formula (JFK peeling off his clothes, his crippling back pain, etc.) I don't think the book should be avoided for that reason. If anything, it should be read to see just what he's saying about Marilyn, because who knows, it might be insightful. I mean, I wouldn't go out and buy the book myself, but if it turned up in a library, I might give it a flip through.

I think that Marilyn is ridiculed because people don't know anything about her beyond what they've heard or read online. Ignorance usually breeds that sort of behavior. I don't take it seriously unless someone makes a point of it irl.
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