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Full Version: Marilyn Monroe "an Appreciation" By Eve Arnold 1s Ed
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I find this used book "
MARILYN MONROE "AN APPRECIATION" BY EVE ARNOLD 1S ED" and i wanted to know if is it rare book or not?
so i'd like to give this book but i'm not sure... i do know why....
Can you tell me something about this book? rolleyes1.gif
I don't think the first edition is particularly rare. Just they reissued it in the last few years.
No, sorry to disappoint but I don't think it's particularly rare - unless yours is Italian, then it might possibly. There are quite a few English/US first editions in second hand stores as it was a big seller, and I bought a copy quite cheaply. The most recent version from 2005 usually sells for more, as it's also out of print but with modern printing technology, it looks more impressive. Still, a wonderful book to have - one of my favourites.
I agree with Tara and Fav, I don't think the book is very rare. I have it too and didn't pay a lot for it, but it's a nice book smile1.gif
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