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Full Version: Dolfi Et Marilyn: Roman (novel)
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A new french novel for January 2013. I don't like the association of Marilyn with Hitler... wacko.gif

The clone is it the future of man? Advances in biotechnology and cloning can consider it. The action of this novel is set in France in 2060. A country that has little changed. Human clones are produced and marketed as gadgets or household. The subjects cloned are most of the time celebrities of the past. Cloning of the deceased is authorized 70 years after their death, cloning for the living is prohibited.
Tycho Mercier, a specialist in the history of the twentieth century, is obsessed with the Second World War. Result of events beyond its control, it becomes the owner of two clones problematic. The first Dolfi is the last copy in circulation a series of forbidden clones of Adolf Hitler, the second clone smuggling Marilyn Monroe. Unofficial service, mau be secret, called Control Center, is responsible for eliminating defective or deviant clones. So, Tycho refuses to deliver Dolfi, in which he sees his neighbor, innocent of the crimes of Hitler archetype, as than Marilyn with which, lonely, he will have a curious connection ancillary. Denounced, both clones must escape together.
The adventure begins and will drive the historian in their footsteps, in the heart of a kind of Nazi Disneyland, created by a billionaire more than a centenary, nostalgic of the Third Reich.
The cover has been replaced by this
Such foul bad taste.
I expect some fool of an investigative journalist out there will believe it, and "reveal" the contents as "facts" supressed by the FBI.
It will a NOVEL
Yes, it's fiction. I wonder why they removed Marilyn from the cover?
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