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Full Version: The Weirdest Thing Happened To Me The Other Day
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I am an avid antiques collector and love to go to the various shops around town to look at what's new. I was in one of my usual haunts the other day and was startled a little by an electric clock I saw sitting on a shelf. It was the kind of thing where you could set the day and month by hand under the electric clock dial. The day the 4th and the month said August. The weird thing was that the time was stopped at 9:46. I suddenly thought to myself, that could be some sort of sign from Marilyn saying that she died exactly at that time. What was the latest that anyone said they spoke to her that night? I'd love to know.
Yes very curious...
She died sometime between 8.00 and 10.00 I believe.
Jim Parson
Tony, the reports are so convoluted now, who really knows, but most reports claim the last person to speak to her was Joe DiMaggio, Jr., who called her around 7:15 that evening. Reportedly, she was in a very good mood after speaking with him. Several witnesses claim to have seen Robert Kennedy with two other men approaching Marilyn's home around 10:00 PM that night, leaving about 10:30. That's all I know.
I highly doubt the Robert Kennedy thing.
QUOTE(MarilynIloveU @ Oct 11 2012, 03:26 PM) *
I highly doubt the Robert Kennedy thing.

There were quite a lot of observations of him seeing Marilyn the last night - the neighbours playing cards saw him entering the house, a highway patrol police stopped a car and saw Kennedy and Greenson at the backseat, the neighbours of Peter Lawford heard a helicopter landing near the house and their fine flower arrangements got demolished.

All these accounts were told already way back then to other people, and when they were told these people weren't aware of each others' accounts (like an arrangement to tell lies ?) but told what they had seen, individually - and also by the time of the stories there was no suspicion of anything obscure having happened at Marilyns' or that she had possibly been murdered or killed accidentally etc.

So at least 3 individual accounts, separately of each other, during the same time period.
I've heard of the police car thing. I've always tended to take the Kennedy stuff with a pinch of salt.
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