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Full Version: Casting Norma Jeane: A Starlet Is Transformed Into Marilyn Monroe
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And... another book has been published!

"SHE STARTED OUT WITH LESS THAN ANY GIRL I EVER KNEW" So recalled Hollywood modeling agent Emmeline Snively of her client Norma Jeane Dougherty at the age of 19. "But she worked the hardest. She wanted to learn. She wanted to BE SOMEBODY more than anybody I ever saw before in my life." And she became Marilyn Monroe. That is, in the eyes of all but a select few insiders who like Miss Snively saw that the greatest sex symbol of all time was a pure fabrication. An exquisitely crafted act. A dazzling illusion who disappeared as soon as the makeup came off at night. Through those insiders' eyes CASTING NORMA JEANE now recaptures the late summer of 1946 as a restless model and starlet described as "pretty but plain" steps into a role that will make her the most photographed, most talked about, and most written about woman of the 20th century.

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This could be extremely interesting, but I want to read some reviews first, because you never know...
I agree Sirkku,I'd have to read a preview first...I'm ostentatious that way...very picky about the Norma Jeane books I read.


Oh Sirkku,By the way, in case I'm not here around the 4 of Ausust, happy 10th Anniversary on ES!!!
Thank you Kevin! biggrin.gif
It seems to be a novel. Most MM-related fiction writers focus on the end of her life more than the beginning, so I'm interested to learn more about this book.
This is now also available on Kindle, and I've just downloaded it. To correct my previous post, this seems actually to be non-fiction after all, and from what I can gather it's based on research done many years ago. So I look forward to reading it and sharing my thoughts soon! smile1.gif
How can ANYONE say she was pretty but plain?

What exactly about her is plain? Don't get it. People who radiate and are luminous are far from plain. throb.gif
I also think that Marilyn when she was still "just" Norma Jeane was far from plain, if plain in this case means not pretty - or does the writer mean that she looked just like anybody ?

I think during her modelling and early film career years Marilyn looked really beautiful and radiant, she stands out of most crowds when one looks at the pictures.
Of course her appearance and clothing was not Hollywood-style glamorous - but that belongs to the charm she had by then.
I think this is all due to her endless popularity and the popularity still to this day. Some people can't comprehend that someone is as beautiful inside as they are outside.

Talk to any of her early photographers, who understand photogenic qualities, and I am most certain the majority will say she was extraordinarily beautiful and had an inner glow, a childlike sensability, which made her special.
I think it is based on Whitey's comment that she was 'pretty, but in a plain way.' As we know, he cared for Marilyn deeply - I think he was speaking as a make-up artist who collaborated in the process of creating 'Marilyn Monroe', the screen goddess, from the sweet girl Norma Jeane that he knew. Personally, I don't think he intended it as a criticism, though some might interpret it that way.
This book focuses on 1946, the year when 20 year-old Norma Jeane Dougherty became Marilyn Monroe. The author met Sam and Enid Knebelcamp, part of her extended family, in 1958. The book is based on his recollections of this encounter and others connected to Marilyn, as well as his own research. It reads like a novel, but unlike so many books about Monroe (alas), it's fairly true to fact. 'Casting Norma Jeane' illuminates that extraordinary period of transformation, and the many players involved, although the young woman at the centre remains somewhat elusive. So no earth-shattering revelations here I'm afraid, but a nice read (available in paperback and on Kindle.)
This sounds like a book I'd like to have. I'm thinking of ordering this and Marilyn Monroe Story. They both seem like books that make an interesting addition because they have an interesting perspective.
I've just noticed that this book is free on Kindle right now... thumbup1.gif
Oh Great,I just got the free kindle version so I am able to read it. My first kindle ebook, but I have to say: it can never replace a paper book. but a nice opportunity to read the book. It has gotten some 5 star reviews on amazon, so I am looking forward to reading it. Thinking about getting it in paperback if I like it marilynbybrandon_190.gif
Just came to post it was free!! Just downloaded but you beat me to it Tara XX
I finished reading this book yesterday (August 5th) while I was sitting on my balcony. I really enjoyed this book. It says on the back cover that this book is narrative nonfiction, and that describes this book really well. It's kind of a small softcover book, and don't expect any pictures. What I liked about it is how it focused on just one very exciting point in her life. I felt all warm inside after reading it.
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