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Full Version: Marilyn Monroe: A Case For Murder
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QUOTE(CYRILPARIS @ Aug 30 2011, 11:04 PM) *

I bought this as an ebook from iuniverse. I have read many, many MM-related books but always steered clear of books which deal solely with the manner of her death. Sometimes, I even skip the last chapters of a full biography because I can't stand the idea of her death. However, I thought I'd give this a try. unsure.gif

It makes some old claims and some new claims. I don't know what I think yet, there is a lot if information to digest. But I will say, having read it I feel really depressed. I have been zombie-like all day. sadangel.gif I am aware that my reaction may be bizarre, considering MM died 49 years ago, before I was even born. Does anyone else have this reaction when reading these types of books? If so, why do we feel so emotionally invested in this?
I've just received this morning the Jay Margolis's book (picture below) and it is a book about Marilyn death. I've juste read some pages and it looks a little than the best one about this subject, David Marshall's one. The author gives for each hypothesis some extract, the name of the other author, the number of Pages. English Version. No picture.

Je viens de recevoir ce livre ce matin. Certains diront un énième livre sur la mort de Marilyn.
Je l'ai juste feuilleté mais il me fait penser au livre référence de David Marshall car il reprend toutes les thèses avec,à chaque fois, l'auteur, les pages, la citation, qui servent la dite hypothèse. Pas de photo. Version anglaise.


this looks like a good book on the subject. I will get the kindle version and report back as to my thoughts on it.
Awesome read and totally completely TRUE in my opinion. One of the best I have ever read EVER. The info is wonderful and she really digs deep and cuts to the chase eliminating much of all the rank nonsense told by so many interviewee's. She puts two and two together and brings out the truth in too Marilyns death. I love this book and I truly think she is a wonderful wonderful person. I wanna cry becuz im so happy! This book is the most down to earth account I have ever read. Its all genuine and worth the read. I thank Jay Margolis she is a saint! Definatly Recommend this book 100% Definatly!! Buy this book! clapping.gif laugh.gif
I just finished this book and can't come to agree with the idea that Bobby Kennedy's 'security men' subdued Monroe and administered an enema. Hard to believe. I would rather think that Kennedy somehow conviced Mrs. Murray to add the contents of the pills to an enema that Marilyn was already scheduled to take that evening. Especially since she declined to go to dinner at Peter's (maybe feeling bloated even though she had eaten nothing at all that whole day) and the autopsy report noted stool in her intestine. I still just get the feeling Murray and Greenson were the actual culprits under orders by RFK.

For my part, I don't believe at all in the Murray-Greenson theory. Murray, Greenson and maybe RFK just happened to be there, for obvious reasons and when it comes to RFK, let's say that for what ever reasons, but I don't believe that any of them killed her accidentally or intentionally.

I think it is possible that somebody (not Kennedys) gave orders to eliminate her and saw also a good opportunity in that RFK
might visit her possibly, in order to blackmail RFK.

If Murray or Greenson had committed an accidental man slaughter, then it would have been quite reasonable and "easy" to put up an inquiry accusing them of just that. No need for any cover up, just an ordinary case of Hollywood-murder/accident for the LAPD, an investigation into citizen's death. So why wasn't it done ?
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