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Full Version: We're Not Married
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It's a very cute and funny movie. Even though Marilyn doesn't have a huge role it's still a very entertaining and enjoyable movie.
Day three of this illness, so I continued my Marilyn Monroe movie marathon and watched We're Not Married. The story starts when a judge gets his license to marry people on Christmas Eve. What he failed to notice is that he can't legally marry people until January 1st. He gets excited and six couples get married in the time between Christmas Eve and January 1st. They're not legally married. All of the couples react differently.

One of the couples wants a divorce.
The Gladwyns have a happy couple morning show on the radio but they've grown angry at each other.
The Norris have a baby, but that hasn't stopped Mrs Norris from entering beauty contests that are meant for married women
The Woodruffs used to be talkative but now they're bored and Mr W. also has a wandering eye
The Melroses live a life of luxury, but the wife is planning a clever divorce in which she gets basically everything
The Fishers are going to have a baby, and the husband is leaving overseas for the war

I noticed some things this movie has in common with other MM movies:
-Ginger Rogers, who was also in Monkey Business
-Mitzi Gaynor, who was also in There's No Business Like Show Business
-Paul Douglas, who was also in Clash By Night
-Louis Calhern, who was also in Asphalt Jungle
-David Wayne, who was also in As Young As You Feel and How To Marry A Millionaire
-Victor Moore, who was also in Seven Year Itch
-the Norris' baby looks a lot like the baby in Monkey Business!
-Nunnally Johnson, who also worked on How To Marry A Millionaire and Something's Got To Give
-the music that's playing in the scene where the very tired Gladwyn's wake up is the same that plays in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes when Lorelei and Dorothy arrive at the dining room of the ship

Overall, this is a cute little comedy and I wonder why it isn't more popular, especially since there are several good actors and actresses.
thumbup1.gif Here is a link to the full movie WE'RE NOT MARRIED on Youtube

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