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I don't know how many of you know but the journalist Dorothy Kilgallen died exactly the same way Marilyn did. Dorothy apparently uncovered something about JFK's murder. I personally believe that whoever killed Marilyn also killed Dorothy. But that brings me to the question of who done? I mean if Dorothy was going to spill the beans on the JFK murder then I think it's unlikely it was the Kennedy's that murdered her. As I am sure Marilyn was killed by the same people as Dorothy, then I think that we need to look at who else other then the Kennedy's and The Mafia could have been involved in the murders.

On November 8, 1965, Kilgallen was found dead on the third floor of her five-story brownstone, just 12 hours after she appeared, live, on What's My Line?. Her hairdresser, Marc Sinclaire, found her body when he arrived that morning to style her hair.[4] He said decades later that she always slept on the fifth floor, adding that on November 8 he used his key to the brownstone and went directly to the third floor where he always did her hair near her large wardrobe closet.[4] She had apparently succumbed to a fatal combination of alcohol and Seconal, possibly concurrent with a heart attack. It is not known whether the death was a suicide or an accidental overdose, although the amount of barbiturate in her system "could well have been accidental," according to medical examiner James Luke.[41]

Because of her open criticism of the Warren Commission and other US government entities, and her association with Jack Ruby and a 1964 private interview with him, some[42] speculate that she was murdered by members of the same alleged conspiracy against JFK. Her claims that she was under surveillance[43] led to a theory that she might have been murdered. She had reportedly told a few friends after her Ruby interview that she was "about to blow the JFK case sky high."[44] Throughout her career she consistently refused to identify any of her sources whenever a government agency questioned her, and that might have posed a threat to the alleged JFK conspirators.[45]

Her autopsy did not suggest evidence of homicide; however, her death certificate cites the cause of death as "undetermined."[46] Despite the fact that medical examiner Luke spent 45 minutes at the death scene,[47] another medical examiner named Dominick DiMaio signed the death certificate, typing above his signature that he was doing this "for James Luke."[4] In the 1990s Luke worked for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.[48] In 1989 DiMaio co-authored Forensic Pathology and later wrote other textbooks.[49] Referring to Kilgallen's death certificate, DiMaio said in a 1995 interview quoted in Midwest Today magazine, "I wasn't stationed in Manhattan [where Kilgallen died]. I was in Brooklyn. Are you sure I signed it? I don't see how the hell I could have signed it in the first place. You got me.
I also heard some ridicules story that Marilyn and Dorothy were working together to uncover the fact that UFO's had crashed in England and it was being hidden by the government.
QUOTE(pinkfairygirl @ Feb 1 2011, 07:48 PM) *
I also heard some ridicules story that Marilyn and Dorothy were working together to uncover the fact that UFO's had crashed in England and it was being hidden by the government.

The majority of the U.S. population, and much of the rest of this world, became aware of ‘flying saucers’ in 1947, when sightings of them received a large amount of press coverage. Dorothy Kilgallen was a top journalist then, with a syndicated newspaper column. In 1950, the first three mass-market flying saucer books were published, one of which was ’Behind The Flying Saucers’ by Frank Scully. Mr. Scully wrote a column for the American entertainment magazine ‘Variety’, and had first written about saucers in that column, in 1949. More specifically, Frank Scully wrote about falls to Earth of non-terrestrial craft, with bodies on board, recovered by the U.S. Air Force.

Frank Scully was a pioneer. Dorothy Kilgallen found his book very interesting, and so did a lot of other people - it made the New York Times Top 10 bestsellers. It seems likely that during the next few years, Dorothy Kilgallen investigated this subject to some extent. It’s unlikely that, in this regard, she merely received information, without asking questions of any people who might have knowledge.

In May 1955, Dorothy sent out a wire message from London, reporting her learning of the fall of a spaceship to Earth, with small bodies on board. This report was published in American newspapers, and at least a couple of European ones.

Dorothy Kilgallen died, under questionable circumstances, in November 1965. From 1947 onwards, various items had been written by her, published in newspapers, pertaining to flying saucers/ufos, as well as space travel in general. She was a top journalist; a leading newspaper columnist; a panellist of the country’s most popular game show (‘What’s My Line’), and co-presenter, with her husband, of a breakfast radio show, broadcast from their home on Park Avenue, New York (‘Breakfast With Dorothy and Dick’).

Dorothy Kilgallen’s statements about UFOs and related matters were noted by other writers (in books; magazines; newspapers) during her lifetime. They were also noted by others in the years following her death, much of this long before any connection with Marilyn Monroe was ever suggested by a ‘purported CIA document’.

It is not ridiculous to think that Dorothy Kilgallen would have discussed her findings regarding UFOs with other people. The nature of her published disclosures on the ‘subject’ mean that there had to have been a certain amount of discussion between herself and others.

As far as I know, the idea that she had conversations with Marilyn Monroe about a UFO crash, only comes from some dramatic videos that someone has posted on-line, in recent years. As far as I know, there isn’t any evidence, independent of this person’s videos to suggest that any very significant conversations ever took place between Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen.


1) They did meet.

2) No journalist took the issues surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s death, in August 1962, more seriously than Dorothy Kilgallen.

3) Dorothy Kilgallen did research and publish about flying saucers.

4) Dorothy Kilgallen must have conversed with others about UFOs, Extraterrestrial life and crashed alien craft to some degree, in order to gain information, either for the purposes of simply publishing it without delay and/or as part of an ongoing investigation that she was undertaking.

Relevant basic information sources, up to 2003 (that is, prior to the ‘they had conversations’ dramatic video claim development), on the issue of a possible Marilyn Monroe - Dorothy Kilgallen - UFO crash connection can be found in:

1) Kilgallen by Lee Israel (1979)… Excellent biography with Marilyn Monroe content; but nothing about UFOs.

2) Marilyn: The Last Take by Peter Harry Brown & Patte B. Barham (1992)… Some info on Dorothy Kilgallen’s research following Marilyn’s death.

3) Purported CIA Document UFOS LINKED TO ‘MARILYN’ CONSPIRACY by Vicki Ecker, in UFO magazine Vol.10, No.2 (March/April 1995)… Includes information about how the connection between Marilyn and the UFO crash theme, including knowledge thereof by DK began to be made - based on Milo Speriglio interview.

4) UFOs and The Murder of Marilyn Monroe by Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D (2003)… 95-page paperback book, includes recommended reading list.

Finally here are excerpts from the biography ‘Kilgallen’:

‘..She had never known Marilyn Monroe well, except in the sense that all celebrities know each other. They’d met once or twice and had their photograph taken together. But Dorothy, following the star’s poignant personal life and learning more than she was able to write, had always rooted for Marilyn and had been moved by her screen persona…

…Dorothy dwelt on Marilyn Monroe’s death. She thought the man on the telephone was Robert Kennedy. She had been told of their relationship by a photographer who was close to the movie star. She said several times to Anne Hamilton, “It didn’t have to happen”. She wasn’t blaming anyone, and yet she was blaming everyone. Someone, she thought, should have made it safe for Marilyn…’
Joan Newman
Read this interesting article from Midwest Today. Dorothy beived Marilyn was indeed murdered. I too think she , Dorothy was murdered because of what she knew and would tell.
Here's a bit about Marilyn

By Sara Jordan

On Aug. 3, 1962, Kilgallen became the first journalist to refer publicly to Marilyn Monroe's relationship with a Kennedy. Within 48 hours, Marilyn was found dead of a drug overdose at her Los Angeles residence. The inquiry into her death was marred by numerous unanswered questions and contradictions in the medical findings.* Dorothy publicly challenged the authorities with tough questions. For instance, she wrote, "If the woman described as Marilyn's 'housekeeper' [Eunice Murray] was really a housekeeper, why was her bedroom such a mess? It was a small house and should have been easy to keep tidy." Kilgallen also wanted to know "why was Marilyn's door locked that night, when she didn't usually lock it? If she were just trying to get to sleep, and took the overdose of pills accidentally, why was the light on? Usually people sleep better in the dark." And she asked, "Why did the first doctor [to arrive on the scene] have to call the second doctor before calling the police? Any doctor, even a psychiatrist, knows a dead person when he sees one, especially when rigor mortis has set in and there are marks of lividity on the surface of the face and body. Why the consultation? Why the big time gap in such a small town? Mrs. Murray gets worried at about 3 a.m., and it's almost 6 a.m. before the police get to the scene."

Kilgallen wrote that "the real story hasn't been told, not by a long shot." Such bold reporting was not common in American journalism at that time. She could not have known that her own life would end under circumstances eerily similar to Marilyn's.
Joan Newman
August 24, 1962
Jottings In Pencil
By Dorothy Kilgallen

The Los Angeles authorities investigating Marilyn Monroe's mysterious death might have come to a more solid conclusion if they had weighed facts instead of depending so heavily on the theories of psychiatrists and psychologists. If Coroner Theodore J. Curphey and his "team" of investigators had moved across the border to Nevada they would have ascertained:

(1) That when Marilyn visited the Cal-Neva Lodge a maid found her unconscious on the floor of her room there—from pills, not from liquor.

(2) That she was revived, but that night drank too much and passed out cold, in full view of several hundred guests of the lodge.

(3) That she was then carried out and flown to San Francisco in Frank Sinatra's private plane. With this in mind, Coroner Curphey might like to ask:

(1) Who was the maid who found Marilyn unconscious, and why hasn't she stepped forward to tell her story?

(2) Is there a register at the Cal-Neva Lodge? Was Marilyn registered there?

3) How was Marilyn revived on that occasion, and by whom? Was a doctor called? Shouldn't there be a medical report available on that incident, which took place such a short time before the star's suicide?

(4) Wouldn't Marilyn's name appear on the log of the last flight she ever took on Sinatra's plane? Especially if she had to be assisted aboard?

(5) Why did she go to the lodge on that occasion, anyway, during the period when she was trying to persuade 20th Century-Fox and various members of the press that she was really and truly too ill to work ?

Someone offered the feeble excuse that she had to go there to persuade Dean Martin to resume in "Something's Got to Give' with her, but that doesn't hold water because Dean has professed to be on her her side all along. He made a public statement to the effect that he had signed to do the film opposite Marilyn Monroe and no other actress. If she needed his reassurance, all she would have to do is pick up the telephone from her sick bed and call him. No amount of lodge-visiting could alter the fact that Dean would be tied up making "Toys hiding In the Attic" until the middle of December, anyway.

(6) Aren't hotels in California and Nevada supposed to report attempted suicides to the police? They certainly are in New York. Of course, by now the Los Angeles authorities probably know who is lying—and perhaps even why- but it does seem only decent diligence for them to pursue the investigation of Marilyn Monroe's death as thoroughly as they would have done if her friends had been merely Mr. Smith and Mrs. Jones.

QUOTE(Joan Newman @ Aug 5 2016, 09:38 PM) *
August 24, 1962
Jottings In Pencil
By Dorothy Kilgallen

Thank you for this article!
Very sensible of this Dorothy Kilgallen's article asking the right questions shortly after the verdict of the coroner and the conclusions of the death of Marilyn!

A new book on Dorothy Kilgallen in next december
Joan Newman
Thank you Eric clapping.gif . It looks very interesting. thumbup1.gif I look forward to reading it when it is released. I wonder what they write regarding Marilyn ?

"In the first half, attorney, legal analyst, and investigative reporter Mark Shaw discussed new developments surrounding the mysterious death of reporter and TV star, Dorothy Kilgallen, who was found dead from an alleged overdose after researching the JFK assassination. In his C2C appearance back in February, he outlined details of the case. Shaw's letter to the Manhattan District Attorney revealing new leads, medical evidence, and overlooked witness testimonies has prompted the DA's office to open an official investigation, more than 50 years after she died, he announced.

At the time of Kilgallen's death in 1965, it was considered a suicide, and no investigation took place, Shaw explained. Among the witnesses Shaw uncovered, was the daughter of one of the household help at Kilgallen's townhouse. She told Shaw that her father (who had discovered Kilgallen's body) had been threatened by authorities if he revealed that her body had been moved, and she was wearing different clothes than when he originally found her. Shaw also spoke about an alleged wiretapped conversation between Kilgallen and Marilyn Monroe, two days before Marilyn's death, in which they purportedly talked about UFOs, and how JFK had secret information about them. "
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