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Full Version: Nembutal
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Can someone explain to me the drug, Nembutal?

I have been reading so many weird things about it, from DIY Nembutal, People traveling to Mexico to obtain the "Peaceful Pill," Nembutal is a animal euthanasia...

It's a barbiturate which isn't widely used any more. It can be taken by pill form, snorted, injected or given by enema. The drug is not dissimilar to benzodiazepines i.e Valium, Lorazepam Nitrazepam ect.... It was widely used as a sleeping drug and many other stars took it as well. It did like benzos become a drug abused but it has a higher mortality rate.
Nembutal is a barbiturate, the kind of "old-fashioned" sleeping pill, the likes are not used nowadays much any more as their safety limit is rather narrow - it takes a lot of diapams or similars to be lethal and they can be used to multiple purposes, sleeping pills, tranquilizers but nembutal is heavy and relatively small extra dosage can be fatal - not one or two but compared to safer ones - and then Marilyn was given/had taken a really large amount of the drug.
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