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Full Version: The Shocking Miss Pilgrim
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It has been noted that Marilyn was in the Betty Grable movie The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, but if anyone has the chance to get a copy of a two disc cd set called Marilyn Monroe Anthology by a company called Stardust Records. The first selection is an interview/commercial done by Marilyn herself for Lux washing detergent. In it she undeniably says that she was NOT IN THAT MOVIE but that they were able to use the 'film that was left over from the Betty Grable movie TSMP" for a color screen test. I guess they used the costuming for her also, that's why there are still photos of her in that ruffled dress. The title of the selection is from the Lux Radio Theatre Show from February 24, 1947. There is also an episode of the Martin and Lewis show from February 24, 1953 with Marilyn as special guest. Strange that they were on the same day. I have had this disc for years and don't remember where I found it. I don't have the capability to post it online so I hope someone who can will find it and post it. Maybe Michelle on her MM show.
You can try this link, hope it still works. Here is my January 20, 2006 Episode that has the lux clip in it. I start talking about it at 10:55.
I should have known you'd already have it. Thanks M.
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