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Full Version: Newspaper Clippings From 1956
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Jim Cook, of whom I know nothing else, wrote this series of five articles on MM in July 1956 in The San Mateo Times.

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Part 3:

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Part 4:

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Part 5:

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Can someone please post something in the 1954 and 1955 newspaperclipping threads, so I can continue posting there, thanks coolio.gif .

January 1956...
Great work, Suus! Thanks! smile1.gif

February 1956... thumbup1.gif
Thank you, Suus. smile1.gif

Joan Newman
January 5, 1956
The Midnight Earl
Marilyn Monroe, a lover- of Brooklyn, joined a Brooklyn Heights modern dance group which she was taken to by Mrs. Norman Rostand(wife of the poet)...

March 22 1956
Holding a pig on her farm near Holback, Denmark, is Mrs. Malene Nielsen, who says she recently discovered she is a half sister of American movie star Marilyn Monroe.

April 27, 1956
The Milton Greene were surprised and displeased when they discovered the "No Visitors" sign posted by Marilyn Monroe's physician included them..

August 10, 1956
London-The British Broadcasting Corp. announced today it has invited Marilyn Monroe to play the title role in Lysistrata, the classic Greek comedy, on it's high-brow radio Third Program.
"Miss. Monroe," said one of her press agents "is thinking it over".
Lysistrata is a play written by the Greek Aristophanes in 412 B.C. but the BBC's wants Marilyn to do a streamlined version by Dudley Fitts, an American professor.

January 15, 1957
One of NBC's wishful thinkers predicts that Katherine Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe will be stars of the "Lysistrata" spectacular in May.

August 28, 1956
Big Film Festival Awaits Marilyn Monroe
Venice- The 17th annual Venice Film Festival opened today with its usual aura of glamor and prestige marred by the fact that many big film producers decided to ignore the proceedings.
But the only question worrying the festival backers- and the delegates- was whether Marilyn Monroe would attend.
The festival's organizers sent an invitation to Miss Monroe almost two months ago, but American's most famous export has not yet sent a firm yes or no from her honeymoon cottage outside London.

Nov 22, 1956
The Jarivistes, wildest artistic cult in France,(they consider the avant-garde 40 years behind the times) have announced that Marilyn Monroe will sing at their gigantic ball in Monte Carlo. Marilyn's appearance is reportedly to be financed by Aristotle Onassis.
Joan Newman
August 26, 1956

Playwright Arthur Miller clasped his wife, Marilyn Monroe, in a farewell embrace tonight. Then he flew to the United States where a congressional citation for contempt still hangs over him.

The Pulitzer prize-winning dramatist and his famous wife swept into the airport tonight in a cloud of ostensible secrecy. However, diligent publicity men had spread the word that Miller would be traveling as "Mr. Stevenson" and that "Mrs. Stevenson" would see him off.

Kisses Three Times
Right at the appointed time, a big, black limousine drove into the airport. In the back with Miller sat Marilyn, her curves concealed in a big beige coat. Much of her face was hidden by an outsize pair of dark glasses.

The limousine, escorted by two police outriders, drove to an old control tower now used as a police station.
The Millers went inside. There, informants said, they kissed three times while a police inspector and two constables guarded the doors.

Marilyn drove back to the house she has taken in the country.
JC 96816
marilynbybrandon_190.gif from EBay yesterday
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